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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/browser/service_worker/service_worker_disk_cache.h"
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/binding.h"
#include "services/network/public/mojom/url_loader.mojom.h"
namespace network {
class MojoToNetPendingBuffer;
class SharedURLLoaderFactory;
} // namespace network
namespace content {
struct HttpResponseInfoIOBuffer;
class ServiceWorkerCacheWriter;
// Executes byte-for-byte update check of one script. This loads the script from
// the network and compares it with the stored counterpart read from
// |compare_reader|. The result will be passed as an argument of |callback|:
// true when they are identical and false otherwise. When |callback| is
// triggered, |cache_writer_| owned by |this| should be paused if the scripts
// were not identical.
class CONTENT_EXPORT ServiceWorkerSingleScriptUpdateChecker
: public network::mojom::URLLoaderClient {
// Result of the comparison of a single script.
enum class Result {
// The paused state consists of Mojo endpoints and a cache writer
// detached/paused in the middle of loading script body and would be used in
// the left steps of the update process.
struct CONTENT_EXPORT PausedState {
PausedState(std::unique_ptr<ServiceWorkerCacheWriter> cache_writer,
network::mojom::URLLoaderPtr network_loader,
network::mojom::URLLoaderClientRequest network_client_request,
mojo::ScopedDataPipeConsumerHandle network_consumer);
PausedState(const PausedState& other) = delete;
PausedState& operator=(const PausedState& other) = delete;
std::unique_ptr<ServiceWorkerCacheWriter> cache_writer;
network::mojom::URLLoaderPtr network_loader;
network::mojom::URLLoaderClientRequest network_client_request;
mojo::ScopedDataPipeConsumerHandle network_consumer;
// This callback is only called after all of the work is done by the checker.
// It notifies the check result to the callback and the ownership of
// internal state variables (the cache writer and Mojo endpoints for loading)
// is transferred to the callback in the PausedState only when the result is
// Result::kDifferent. Otherwise it's set to nullptr.
using ResultCallback = base::OnceCallback<
void(const GURL&, Result, std::unique_ptr<PausedState>)>;
// Both |compare_reader| and |copy_reader| should be created from the same
// resource ID, and this ID should locate where the script specified with
// |url| is stored. |writer| should be created with a new resource ID.
const GURL& url,
bool is_main_script,
scoped_refptr<network::SharedURLLoaderFactory> loader_factory,
std::unique_ptr<ServiceWorkerResponseReader> compare_reader,
std::unique_ptr<ServiceWorkerResponseReader> copy_reader,
std::unique_ptr<ServiceWorkerResponseWriter> writer,
ResultCallback callback);
~ServiceWorkerSingleScriptUpdateChecker() override;
// network::mojom::URLLoaderClient override:
void OnReceiveResponse(
const network::ResourceResponseHead& response_head) override;
void OnReceiveRedirect(
const net::RedirectInfo& redirect_info,
const network::ResourceResponseHead& response_head) override;
void OnUploadProgress(int64_t current_position,
int64_t total_size,
OnUploadProgressCallback ack_callback) override;
void OnReceiveCachedMetadata(const std::vector<uint8_t>& data) override;
void OnTransferSizeUpdated(int32_t transfer_size_diff) override;
void OnStartLoadingResponseBody(
mojo::ScopedDataPipeConsumerHandle consumer) override;
void OnComplete(const network::URLLoaderCompletionStatus& status) override;
enum class NetworkLoaderState {
enum class CacheWriterState { kNotStarted, kWriting, kCompleted };
void WriteHeaders(scoped_refptr<HttpResponseInfoIOBuffer> info_buffer);
void OnWriteHeadersComplete(net::Error error);
void MaybeStartNetworkConsumerHandleWatcher();
void OnNetworkDataAvailable(MojoResult,
const mojo::HandleSignalsState& state);
void CompareData(
scoped_refptr<network::MojoToNetPendingBuffer> pending_buffer,
uint32_t bytes_available);
void OnCompareDataComplete(
scoped_refptr<network::MojoToNetPendingBuffer> pending_buffer,
uint32_t bytes_written,
net::Error error);
void Finish(Result result);
const GURL script_url_;
network::mojom::URLLoaderPtr network_loader_;
mojo::Binding<network::mojom::URLLoaderClient> network_client_binding_;
mojo::ScopedDataPipeConsumerHandle network_consumer_;
mojo::SimpleWatcher network_watcher_;
std::unique_ptr<ServiceWorkerCacheWriter> cache_writer_;
ResultCallback callback_;
// Represents the state of |network_loader_|.
// Corresponds to the steps described in the class comments.
// When response body exists:
// CreateLoaderAndStart(): kNotStarted -> kLoadingHeader
// OnReceiveResponse(): kLoadingHeader -> kWaitingForBody
// OnStartLoadingResponseBody(): kWaitingForBody -> kLoadingBody
// OnComplete(): kLoadingBody -> kCompleted
// When response body is empty:
// CreateLoaderAndStart(): kNotStarted -> kLoadingHeader
// OnReceiveResponse(): kLoadingHeader -> kWaitingForBody
// OnComplete(): kWaitingForBody -> kCompleted
NetworkLoaderState network_loader_state_ = NetworkLoaderState::kNotStarted;
// Represents the state of |cache_writer_|.
// Set to kWriting when it starts to send the header to |cache_writer_|, and
// set to kCompleted when the header has been sent.
// OnReceiveResponse(): kNotStarted -> kWriting (in WriteHeaders())
// OnWriteHeadersComplete(): kWriting -> kCompleted
CacheWriterState header_writer_state_ = CacheWriterState::kNotStarted;
// Represents the state of |cache_writer_| and |network_consumer_|.
// Set to kWriting when |this| starts watching |network_consumer_|, and set to
// kCompleted when |cache_writer_| reports any difference between the stored
// body and the network body, or the entire body is compared without any
// difference.
// When response body exists:
// OnStartLoadingResponseBody() && OnWriteHeadersComplete():
// kNotStarted -> kWriting
// kWriting -> kCompleted
// When response body is empty:
// OnComplete(): kNotStarted -> kCompleted
CacheWriterState body_writer_state_ = CacheWriterState::kNotStarted;
base::WeakPtrFactory<ServiceWorkerSingleScriptUpdateChecker> weak_factory_;
} // namespace content