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<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="../../resources/js-test.js"></script>
var jsTestIsAsync = true;
description("Tests that document.defaultView on a detached document doesn't crash.");
var cachedWindow;
var cachedDocument;
var testFrameUnloaded = false;
// DRT dumps out the number of unload handlers associated with a document once it loads.
// Unfortunately, load order is not guaranteed, so wait until the first frame has finished loading
// before setting up the rest of the test.
function setupTest()
var frame2 = document.createElement('iframe');
frame2.srcdoc = '<script>window.onunload=function() {; };</scr' + 'ipt>';
frame2.onload = runTest;
function runTest()
var i = document.getElementById("testFrame");
// Make sure DOMWindow doesn't get GCed and clear Document's pointer back to it.
cachedWindow = i.contentWindow;
cachedDocument = i.contentDocument;
// This test is structured to catch a document.defaultView crash when all of the following are true:
// 1. Document's pointer back to DOMWindow has not yet been cleared by DOMWindow destruction.
// 2. DOMWindow's pointer back to its Frame has not yet been cleared by Frame destruction.
// 3. The frame is already detached.
// One way to satisfy this condition is to test the value of document.defaultView when removing
// a DOM node that contains multiple subframes, since ChildFrameDisconnector keeps a ref to the
// affected HTMLFrameOwnerElements (and consequently the Frame) on the stack.
var frameContainer = document.getElementById("frames");
function finishTest()
<body onload="setupTest()">
<div id="frames">
<iframe id="testFrame" srcdoc="<script>window.onunload=function() { = true; };</script>"></iframe>