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function doit()
var B = document.getElementById("span-B");
B.customProperty = "B";
B.parentNode.customProperty = "A";
B.firstChild.customProperty = "C";
document.getElementById("div").innerHTML = "<span>replacement content</span>";
var output= document.getElementById("output");
output.innerHTML += B.customProperty + "<BR>";
if (B.parentNode) {
output.innerHTML += B.parentNode.customProperty + "<BR>";
if (B.firstChild) {
output.innerHTML += B.firstChild.customProperty + "<BR>";
if (window.testRunner) {
<body onload="doit()">
<div style="border: 1px solid red">
This test verifies that JavaScript wrappers for DOM nodes are
protected against garbage collection for node trees that are outside
the document, so long as there's a reference to at least one node in
the tree.
The output should be the following pieces of text on lines by themselves: "replacement content", "B", "A", "C".
<div id="div">
<span id="span-A"><span id="span-B"><span id="span-C">original span</span></span></span>
<div id="output">