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This is a testharness.js-based test.
Harness Error. harness_status.status = 1 , harness_status.message = 1 duplicate test name: "DOMMatrix(numberSequence) constructor"
PASS DOMMatrix() constructor
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat32Array - 2D matrix
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat64Array - 2D matrix
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat32Array - 3D matrix
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat64Array - 3D matrix
PASS DOMMatrix(transformList) - emptyString
PASS DOMMatrix(transformList) - transformList
PASS DOMMatrix(numberSequence) constructor
PASS DOMMatrix(numberSequence) constructor
PASS DOMMatrix attributes
PASS DOMMatrix.is2D can never be set to 'true' when it was set to 'false' before calling setMatrixValue()
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat*Array - invalid array size of nearby 6
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat*Array - invalid array size of nearby 16
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat*Array - invalid array size
PASS DOMMatrix fromFloat*Array - can't use SharedArrayBuffer view
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix() with no parameter
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix() with null
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix() with undefined
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix() with empty object
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix({a: 1, b: 2, c: 3, d: 4, e: 5, f: 6}) should create a 2D DOMMatrix
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix({m11: 1, m22: 2, m33: 3, m44: 4, m23: 5, m43: 6}) should create a 3D DOMMatrix
PASS If 2d related properties don't be set, should set to fallback
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix(): NaN test
PASS DOMMatrix toJSON() - identity matrix
PASS DOMMatrix toJSON() - 2D matrix
PASS DOMMatrix toJSON() - 3D matrix
PASS DOMMatrix.fromMatrix(): Exception test
Harness: the test ran to completion.