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Test for <i><a href="">bug 29431</a>
[Qt] REGRESSION:(r50665) QWebFrame::setScrollBarPolicy(Qt::Vertical,Qt::ScrollBarAlwaysOff) has no effect.
<p> This test ensures the correctness of two scrollbar behaviour:</p>
<li> This tests that after setting 'overflow' on the document element to
'hidden' and back to 'visible', scrollbars appear as necessary.
After explicitly setting a scrollbar policy different than 'auto', WebCore
honors that until it is unset.
<div id="dynamic"></div>
<p id="result">FAIL: Test did not run to completion</p>
if (window.testRunner)
testRunner.dumpAsText(); = "hidden";
document.body.offsetTop;"overflow"); = "200%";
var result = (innerWidth === document.documentElement.offsetWidth)
? "FAIL: Scrollbar did not appear after resetting 'overflow'"
: "PASS";
if (window.testRunner) {
testRunner.setScrollbarPolicy('vertical', 'off');
testRunner.setScrollbarPolicy('horizontal', 'off');
result += (innerWidth === document.documentElement.offsetWidth)
? "\nPASS"
: "\nFAIL: Scrollbar did appear after turning it off";
document.getElementById("result").innerText = result;