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This test checks that replaced elements with percentage heights within table cells have the correct height.
Note, some of the button height tests fail on the Windows ports. See bug #34071.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
PASS successfullyParsed is true
PASS getWidth('canvas-75') is '225px'
PASS getHeight('canvas-75') is '112.5px'
PASS getWidth('canvas-100') is '300px'
PASS getHeight('canvas-100') is '150px'
PASS getWidth('embed-75') is '300px'
PASS getHeight('embed-75') is '112.5px'
PASS getWidth('embed-100') is '300px'
PASS getHeight('embed-100') is '150px'
PASS getWidth('img-75') is '75px'
PASS getHeight('img-75') is '75px'
PASS getWidth('img-100') is '100px'
PASS getHeight('img-100') is '100px'
PASS getWidth('img-75-nested') is '75px'
PASS getHeight('img-75-nested') is '75px'
PASS getWidth('img-100-nested') is '100px'
PASS getHeight('img-100-nested') is '100px'
PASS getWidth('object-75') is '300px'
PASS getHeight('object-75') is '112.5px'
PASS getWidth('object-100') is '300px'
PASS getHeight('object-100') is '150px'
PASS getWidth('button-75') is getWidth('button-100')
PASS getHeight('button-75') != '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('button-75') is getHeight('button-100')
PASS getWidth('input-button-75') is getWidth('input-button-100')
PASS getHeight('input-button-75') != '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('input-button-75') is getHeight('input-button-100')
PASS getWidth('input-checkbox-75') is getWidth('input-checkbox-100')
PASS getHeight('input-checkbox-75') == '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('input-checkbox-75') is getHeight('input-checkbox-100')
PASS getWidth('input-file-75') is getWidth('input-file-100')
PASS getHeight('input-file-75') != '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('input-file-75') is getHeight('input-file-100')
PASS getWidth('input-image-75') is '75px'
PASS getHeight('input-image-75') is '75px'
PASS getWidth('input-image-100') is '100px'
PASS getHeight('input-image-100') is '100px'
PASS getWidth('input-radio-75') is getWidth('input-radio-100')
PASS getHeight('input-radio-75') == '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('input-radio-75') is getHeight('input-radio-100')
PASS getWidth('input-reset-75') is getWidth('input-reset-100')
PASS getHeight('input-reset-75') != '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('input-reset-75') is getHeight('input-reset-100')
PASS getWidth('input-submit-75') is getWidth('input-submit-100')
PASS getHeight('input-submit-75') != '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('input-submit-75') is getHeight('input-submit-100')
PASS getWidth('select-75') is getWidth('select-100')
PASS getHeight('select-75') != '0px' is true
PASS getHeight('select-75') is getHeight('select-100')
PASS successfullyParsed is true