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var theFrame, theImage;
function log(msg)
var console = document.getElementById('console');
function resizeAndCheck(newSize)
theFrame.height = newSize;
log("New frame height is " + theFrame.height);
log("New image height is " + theImage.height);
if (theImage.height == newSize)
log("PASSED: Image size is correct");
log("FAILED: Image size is not correct");
function run()
if (window.testRunner)
theFrame = document.getElementById('frame');
var frContents = theFrame.contentWindow.document;
theImage = frContents.getElementById('img');
log("Original frame height was " + theFrame.height);
log("Original image height was " + theImage.height);
log("Vertically resizing the frame to be larger");
log("Vertically resizing the frame to be smaller");
<body onload="run()">
<iframe height="500" width="500" id="frame" src="resources/vertical-resize-100percent-contents.html"></iframe>
<p>Layout test for Checks to see if an image having a percentage height is resized when its containing iframe is vertically resized. This test only works in DumpRenderTree since it involves accessing the internal elements of an iframe.</p>
<p id="console"></p>