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<title>Background on 'table-column-group'</title>
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<script src="resources/wait-for-onload.js"></script>
<style type="text/css">
table { border: 3px dotted}
.colgroup-A {background: black url(resources/edge.gif) bottom right no-repeat; border: 5px dashed}
.g, .m { border: 5px dashed}
.col-3 { border: 9px dashed}
.colgroup-B {background: black url(resources/edge.gif) top left no-repeat}
<h3> Background on 'table-column-group'</h3>
<table class="collapse">
<caption>With 'border-collapse: collapse'</caption>
<colgroup class="colgroup-A">
<col class="col-1">
<col class="col-2">
<col class="col-3">
<colgroup class="colgroup-B">
<col class="col-4">
<tr class="th-row-1">
<th class="a">TH A</th>
<th class="b">TH B</th>
<th class="c">TH C</th>
<th class="d">TH D</th>
<tr class="tf-row-1">
<td class="m" colspan=3>TD M</td>
<td class="p">TD P</td>
<tr class="tb-row-1">
<td class="e" rowspan=2>TD E</td>
<td class="f">TD F</td>
<td class="g">TD G</td>
<td class="h">TD H</td>
<tr class="tb-row-2">
<td class="j">TD J</td>
<td class="k">TD K</td>
<td class="l">TD L</td>
<p>Three aqua stripes should run along the bottom of the last cell in the first three columns and up along the right edge of the cells in the third column. The stripes should align to be just inside the padding edge in cells M and G.</p>
<p>Three aqua stripes should also run just inside the top padding edge of the first cell in the last column and down the left border edge of each cell in that column.</p>
<div class="validity">
<a href=""><img
src="resources/valid-html401.png" height="31" width="88"
alt="Valid HTML 4.01!"></a>
CSS2 Table Backgrounds Test Suite designed and written by fantasai &lt;fantasai&#64;;