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<title>Background on 'table-row'</title>
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<script src="resources/wait-for-onload.js"></script>
<style type="text/css">
tr {background: black url(resources/rainbowh.gif) bottom left;}
<h3> Background on 'table-row'</h3>
<table class="separate">
<caption>With 'border-collapse: separate'</caption>
<colgroup class="colgroup-A">
<col class="col-1">
<col class="col-2">
<col class="col-3">
<colgroup class="colgroup-B">
<col class="col-4">
<tr class="th-row-1">
<th class="a">TH A</th>
<th class="b">TH B</th>
<th class="c">TH C</th>
<th class="d">TH D</th>
<tr class="tf-row-1">
<td class="m" colspan=2>TD M</td>
<td class="o">TD O</td>
<td class="p">TD P</td>
<tr class="tb-row-1">
<td class="e" rowspan=2>TD E</td>
<td class="f">TD F</td>
<td class="g">TD G</td>
<td class="h">TD H</td>
<tr class="tb-row-2">
<td class="j">TD J</td>
<td class="k">TD K</td>
<td class="l">TD L</td>
<p class="scope">All four rows are styled.</p>
<p class="clip">The table row background should be visible within
the border edge of each cell originating in the row, and the
background should be continuously tiled to fill the entire cell.
Within each row, all stripes should line up as if the cells were
cutouts in a stencil placed over the row background. Furthermore,
vertical stripes should align across rows.</p>
<p class="position">A red band should align with the left border
edge of the first cells in each row. An orange stripe should align
a few pixels above the bottom border of the non-row-spanning cells
in each row.</p>
<div class="validity">
<a href=""><img
src="resources/valid-html401.png" height="31" width="88"
alt="Valid HTML 4.01!"></a>
CSS2 Table Backgrounds Test Suite designed and written by fantasai &lt;fantasai&#64;;