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<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="../../resources/check-layout.js"></script>
td {
font: 10px/1 Ahem;
vertical-align: baseline;
border: 1px solid;
<body onload="checkLayout('tr')">
<p>This test checks that baseline aligned cells with rowspan don't artificially grow the row's height.</p>
<p>For this test to pass, there should be 2 PASS.</p>
<tr data-expected-height="24">
<td>This first sentence should</td>
<td rowspan="2">be baseline</td>
<td>aligned and there should be no gap below.</td>
<tr data-expected-height="54">
<td><p>This second</p><p>be baseline</p></td>
<td><p>sentence should also</p><p>aligned across the rowspan.</p></td>