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<html lang="en-US">
<title>Vertical alignment and table height</title>
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<style type="text/css">
/* XXX Should really remove black */
table td { border: thin solid black; } { height: auto; }
table.two { height: 30px; }
table.three { height: 500px; }
table.four, table.five { height: 50%; }
div.five { height: 600px; border: medium solid purple; } { height: auto; }
tr.small { height: 2px; }
tr.big { height: 200px; }
table.baseline td { vertical-align: baseline; }
table.middle td { vertical-align: middle; } td { vertical-align: top; }
table.bottom td { vertical-align: bottom; }
span.big { font-size: 400%; }
table.cellsmall td { height: 2px; }
table.cellauto td { height: auto; }
td.baselinea { vertical-align: baseline; }
td.baselineb { vertical-align: text-bottom; }
td.baselinec { vertical-align: text-top; }
td.baselined { vertical-align: super; }
td.baselinee { vertical-align: sub; }
td.baselinef { vertical-align: -12px; } /* probably correct */
td.baselineg { vertical-align: 40%; } /* probably correct */ { vertical-align: top; }
td.middle { vertical-align: middle; }
td.bottom { vertical-align: bottom; }
td.big { font-size: 300%; }
td.biggest { font-size: 600%; }
<h1>Vertical alignment and table height</h1>
<p>In each of the following tables the cells with 'Data' should all have the same baseline:</p>
<td class="baselineg biggest">Data</td>
<td class="top">Top</td>
<td class="middle">Middle</td>
<td class="baselinea">Data</td>
<td class="bottom">Bottom</td>
<td class="baselineb big">Data</td>
<td class="top">Top</td>
<td class="baselinec">Data</td>
<td class="baselinee big">Data</td>
<td class="middle">Middle</td>
<td class="bottom">Bottom</td>
<td class="baselined biggest">Data</td>
<td class="top">Top</td>
<td class="baselineg big">Data</td>
<td class="bottom">Bottom</td>
<td class="baselinef">Data</td>
<td class="baselinea biggest">Data</td>
<td class="middle">Middle</td>