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<html xmlns="">
<caption align="bottom" style="opacity:0.8">PASS: First Caption aligned to the bottom</caption>
<caption style="position: fixed;">PASS: Caption with a fixed position</caption>
<caption style="opacity: 0.7;">PASS: Caption with opacity 0.7</caption>
<caption>PASS: Normal Caption</caption>
<tbody><br/>Some body content<br/></tbody>
<caption style="opacity: 0.6; position: fixed;">PASS: Caption with a fixed position and opacity 0.6</caption>
<a style="opacity: 0.5;">PASS: Caption with opacity 0.5 in one of its child.</a>
<a style="opacity: 0.4; position: fixed;">PASS: Caption with opacity 0.4 and fixed position of one of the child.</a>