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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "content/child/font_warmup_win.h"
#include <dwrite.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <map>
#include "base/debug/alias.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/lazy_instance.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/numerics/safe_conversions.h"
#include "base/numerics/safe_math.h"
#include "base/strings/utf_string_conversions.h"
#include "base/synchronization/lock.h"
#include "base/sys_byteorder.h"
#include "base/trace_event/trace_event.h"
#include "base/win/iat_patch_function.h"
#include "base/win/windows_version.h"
#include "ppapi/shared_impl/proxy_lock.h"
#include "skia/ext/fontmgr_default_win.h"
#include "skia/ext/refptr.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/ports/SkFontMgr.h"
#include "third_party/skia/include/ports/SkTypeface_win.h"
namespace content {
namespace {
// The Skia font manager, used for the life of the process (leaked at the end).
SkFontMgr* g_warmup_fontmgr = nullptr;
base::win::IATPatchFunction g_iat_patch_open_sc_manager;
base::win::IATPatchFunction g_iat_patch_close_service_handle;
base::win::IATPatchFunction g_iat_patch_open_service;
base::win::IATPatchFunction g_iat_patch_start_service;
base::win::IATPatchFunction g_iat_patch_nt_connect_port;
// These are from ntddk.h
const uintptr_t kFakeSCMHandle = 0xdead0001;
const uintptr_t kFakeServiceHandle = 0xdead0002;
SC_HANDLE WINAPI OpenSCManagerWPatch(const wchar_t* machine_name,
const wchar_t* database_name,
DWORD access_mask) {
return reinterpret_cast<SC_HANDLE>(kFakeSCMHandle);
SC_HANDLE WINAPI OpenServiceWPatch(SC_HANDLE sc_manager,
const wchar_t* service_name,
DWORD access_mask) {
return reinterpret_cast<SC_HANDLE>(kFakeServiceHandle);
BOOL WINAPI CloseServiceHandlePatch(SC_HANDLE service_handle) {
if (service_handle != reinterpret_cast<SC_HANDLE>(kFakeServiceHandle) &&
service_handle != reinterpret_cast<SC_HANDLE>(kFakeSCMHandle))
return TRUE;
BOOL WINAPI StartServiceWPatch(SC_HANDLE service,
DWORD args,
const wchar_t** arg_vectors) {
if (service != reinterpret_cast<SC_HANDLE>(kFakeServiceHandle))
return FALSE;
NTSTATUS WINAPI NtALpcConnectPortPatch(HANDLE* port_handle,
void* port_name,
void* object_attribs,
void* port_attribs,
DWORD flags,
void* server_sid,
void* message,
DWORD* buffer_length,
void* out_message_attributes,
void* in_message_attributes,
void* time_out) {
// Class to fake out a DC or a Font object. Maintains a reference to a
// SkTypeFace to emulate the simple operation of a DC and Font.
class FakeGdiObject : public base::RefCountedThreadSafe<FakeGdiObject> {
FakeGdiObject(uint32_t magic, void* handle)
: handle_(handle), magic_(magic) {}
void set_typeface(const skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface>& typeface) {
typeface_ = typeface;
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> typeface() { return typeface_; }
void* handle() { return handle_; }
uint32_t magic() { return magic_; }
friend class base::RefCountedThreadSafe<FakeGdiObject>;
~FakeGdiObject() {}
void* handle_;
uint32_t magic_;
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> typeface_;
// This class acts as a factory for creating new fake GDI objects. It also maps
// the new instances of the FakeGdiObject class to an incrementing handle value
// which is passed to the caller of the emulated GDI function for later
// reference. We can't be sure that this won't be used in a multi-threaded
// environment so we need to ensure a lock is taken before accessing the map of
// issued objects.
class FakeGdiObjectFactory {
FakeGdiObjectFactory() : curr_handle_(0) {}
// Find a corresponding fake GDI object and verify its magic value.
// The returned value is either nullptr or the validated object.
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> Validate(void* obj, uint32_t magic) {
if (obj) {
base::AutoLock scoped_lock(objects_lock_);
auto handle_entry = objects_.find(obj);
if (handle_entry != objects_.end() &&
handle_entry->second->magic() == magic) {
return handle_entry->second;
return nullptr;
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> Create(uint32_t magic) {
base::AutoLock scoped_lock(objects_lock_);
// We don't support wrapping the fake handle value.
void* handle = reinterpret_cast<void*>(curr_handle_.ValueOrDie());
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> object(new FakeGdiObject(magic, handle));
objects_[handle] = object;
return object;
bool DeleteObject(void* obj, uint32_t magic) {
base::AutoLock scoped_lock(objects_lock_);
auto handle_entry = objects_.find(obj);
if (handle_entry != objects_.end() &&
handle_entry->second->magic() == magic) {
return true;
return false;
size_t GetObjectCount() {
base::AutoLock scoped_lock(objects_lock_);
return objects_.size();
void ResetObjectHandles() {
base::AutoLock scoped_lock(objects_lock_);
curr_handle_ = 0;
base::CheckedNumeric<uintptr_t> curr_handle_;
std::map<void*, scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject>> objects_;
base::Lock objects_lock_;
base::LazyInstance<FakeGdiObjectFactory>::Leaky g_fake_gdi_object_factory =
// Magic values for the fake GDI objects.
const uint32_t kFakeDCMagic = 'fkdc';
const uint32_t kFakeFontMagic = 'fkft';
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> GetTypefaceFromLOGFONT(const LOGFONTW* log_font) {
int weight = log_font->lfWeight;
if (weight == FW_DONTCARE)
weight = SkFontStyle::kNormal_Weight;
SkFontStyle style(weight, log_font->lfWidth,
log_font->lfItalic ? SkFontStyle::kItalic_Slant
: SkFontStyle::kUpright_Slant);
std::string family_name = base::WideToUTF8(log_font->lfFaceName);
ppapi::ProxyAutoLock lock; // Needed for DirectWrite font proxy.
return skia::AdoptRef(
g_warmup_fontmgr->matchFamilyStyle(family_name.c_str(), style));
HDC WINAPI CreateCompatibleDCPatch(HDC dc_handle) {
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> ret =
return static_cast<HDC>(ret->handle());
HFONT WINAPI CreateFontIndirectWPatch(const LOGFONTW* log_font) {
if (!log_font)
return nullptr;
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> typeface = GetTypefaceFromLOGFONT(log_font);
if (!typeface)
return nullptr;
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> ret =
return static_cast<HFONT>(ret->handle());
BOOL WINAPI DeleteDCPatch(HDC dc_handle) {
return g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().DeleteObject(dc_handle, kFakeDCMagic);
BOOL WINAPI DeleteObjectPatch(HGDIOBJ object_handle) {
return g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().DeleteObject(object_handle,
int WINAPI EnumFontFamiliesExWPatch(HDC dc_handle,
LPLOGFONTW log_font,
FONTENUMPROCW enum_callback,
LPARAM callback_param,
DWORD flags) {
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> dc_obj =
g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().Validate(dc_handle, kFakeDCMagic);
if (!dc_obj)
return 1;
if (!log_font || !enum_callback)
return 1;
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> typeface = GetTypefaceFromLOGFONT(log_font);
if (!typeface)
return 1;
ENUMLOGFONTEXDVW enum_log_font = {};
enum_log_font.elfEnumLogfontEx.elfLogFont = *log_font;
// TODO: Fill in the rest of the text metric structure. Not yet needed for
// Flash support but might be in the future.
NEWTEXTMETRICEXW text_metric = {};
text_metric.ntmTm.ntmFlags = NTM_PS_OPENTYPE;
return enum_callback(&enum_log_font.elfEnumLogfontEx.elfLogFont,
TRUETYPE_FONTTYPE, callback_param);
DWORD WINAPI GetFontDataPatch(HDC dc_handle,
DWORD table_tag,
DWORD table_offset,
LPVOID buffer,
DWORD buffer_length) {
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> dc_obj =
g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().Validate(dc_handle, kFakeDCMagic);
if (!dc_obj)
return GDI_ERROR;
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> typeface = dc_obj->typeface();
if (!typeface)
return GDI_ERROR;
// |getTableData| handles |buffer| being nullptr. However if it is nullptr
// then set the size to INT32_MAX otherwise |getTableData| will return the
// minimum value between the table entry size and the size passed in. The
// common Windows idiom is to pass 0 as |buffer_length| when passing nullptr,
// which would in this case result in |getTableData| returning 0 which isn't
// the correct answer for emulating GDI. |table_tag| must also have its
// byte order swapped to counter the swap which occurs in the called method.
size_t length = typeface->getTableData(
base::ByteSwap(base::strict_cast<uint32_t>(table_tag)), table_offset,
buffer ? buffer_length : INT32_MAX, buffer);
// We can't distinguish between an empty table and an error.
if (length == 0)
return GDI_ERROR;
return base::checked_cast<DWORD>(length);
HGDIOBJ WINAPI SelectObjectPatch(HDC dc_handle, HGDIOBJ object_handle) {
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> dc_obj =
g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().Validate(dc_handle, kFakeDCMagic);
if (!dc_obj)
return nullptr;
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> font_obj =
g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().Validate(object_handle, kFakeFontMagic);
if (!font_obj)
return nullptr;
// Construct a new fake font object to handle the old font if there's one.
scoped_refptr<FakeGdiObject> new_font_obj;
skia::RefPtr<SkTypeface> old_typeface = dc_obj->typeface();
if (old_typeface) {
new_font_obj = g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().Create(kFakeFontMagic);
if (new_font_obj)
return static_cast<HGDIOBJ>(new_font_obj->handle());
return nullptr;
void DoSingleGdiPatch(base::win::IATPatchFunction& patch,
const base::FilePath& path,
const char* function_name,
void* new_function) {
patch.Patch(path.value().c_str(), "gdi32.dll", function_name, new_function);
class GdiFontPatchDataImpl : public content::GdiFontPatchData {
GdiFontPatchDataImpl(const base::FilePath& path);
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_compatible_dc_patch_;
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_font_indirect_patch_;
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_delete_dc_patch_;
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_delete_object_patch_;
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_enum_font_families_patch_;
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_get_font_data_patch_;
base::win::IATPatchFunction create_select_object_patch_;
GdiFontPatchDataImpl::GdiFontPatchDataImpl(const base::FilePath& path) {
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_compatible_dc_patch_, path, "CreateCompatibleDC",
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_font_indirect_patch_, path, "CreateFontIndirectW",
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_delete_dc_patch_, path, "DeleteDC", DeleteDCPatch);
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_delete_object_patch_, path, "DeleteObject",
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_enum_font_families_patch_, path,
"EnumFontFamiliesExW", EnumFontFamiliesExWPatch);
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_get_font_data_patch_, path, "GetFontData",
DoSingleGdiPatch(create_select_object_patch_, path, "SelectObject",
} // namespace
// Directwrite connects to the font cache service to retrieve information about
// fonts installed on the system etc. This works well outside the sandbox and
// within the sandbox as long as the lpc connection maintained by the current
// process with the font cache service remains valid. It appears that there
// are cases when this connection is dropped after which directwrite is unable
// to connect to the font cache service which causes problems with characters
// disappearing.
// Directwrite has fallback code to enumerate fonts if it is unable to connect
// to the font cache service. We need to intercept the following APIs to
// ensure that it does not connect to the font cache service.
// NtALpcConnectPort
// OpenSCManagerW
// OpenServiceW
// StartServiceW
// CloseServiceHandle.
// These are all IAT patched.
void PatchServiceManagerCalls() {
static bool is_patched = false;
if (is_patched)
const char* service_provider_dll =
(base::win::GetVersion() >= base::win::VERSION_WIN8
? "api-ms-win-service-management-l1-1-0.dll"
: "advapi32.dll");
is_patched = true;
DWORD patched =
g_iat_patch_open_sc_manager.Patch(L"dwrite.dll", service_provider_dll,
"OpenSCManagerW", OpenSCManagerWPatch);
DCHECK(patched == 0);
patched = g_iat_patch_close_service_handle.Patch(
L"dwrite.dll", service_provider_dll, "CloseServiceHandle",
DCHECK(patched == 0);
patched = g_iat_patch_open_service.Patch(L"dwrite.dll", service_provider_dll,
"OpenServiceW", OpenServiceWPatch);
DCHECK(patched == 0);
patched = g_iat_patch_start_service.Patch(
L"dwrite.dll", service_provider_dll, "StartServiceW", StartServiceWPatch);
DCHECK(patched == 0);
patched = g_iat_patch_nt_connect_port.Patch(
L"dwrite.dll", "ntdll.dll", "NtAlpcConnectPort", NtALpcConnectPortPatch);
DCHECK(patched == 0);
GdiFontPatchData* PatchGdiFontEnumeration(const base::FilePath& path) {
if (!g_warmup_fontmgr)
g_warmup_fontmgr = SkFontMgr_New_DirectWrite();
return new GdiFontPatchDataImpl(path);
size_t GetEmulatedGdiHandleCountForTesting() {
return g_fake_gdi_object_factory.Get().GetObjectCount();
void ResetEmulatedGdiHandlesForTesting() {
void SetPreSandboxWarmupFontMgrForTesting(SkFontMgr* fontmgr) {
g_warmup_fontmgr = fontmgr;
} // namespace content