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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "ash/accelerometer/accelerometer_reader.h"
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/system/power/backlights_forced_off_setter.h"
#include "ash/wm/lock_state_observer.h"
#include "ash/wm/tablet_mode/tablet_mode_observer.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "chromeos/dbus/power_manager_client.h"
#include "ui/display/manager/display_configurator.h"
namespace base {
class TickClock;
class TimeTicks;
} // namespace base
namespace views {
class Widget;
} // namespace views
namespace ash {
class LockStateController;
class PowerButtonDisplayController;
class PowerButtonScreenshotController;
// Handles power button and lock button events. Holding the power button
// displays a menu and later shuts down on all devices. Tapping the power button
// of convertible/slate/detachable devices (except forced clamshell set by
// command line) will turn screen off but nothing will happen for clamshell
// devices. In tablet mode, power button may also be consumed to take a
// screenshot.
class ASH_EXPORT PowerButtonController
: public display::DisplayConfigurator::Observer,
public chromeos::PowerManagerClient::Observer,
public AccelerometerReader::Observer,
public BacklightsForcedOffSetter::Observer,
public TabletModeObserver,
public LockStateObserver {
enum class ButtonType {
// Indicates normal power button type.
// Indicates legacy power button type. It could be set by command-line
// switch telling us that we're running on hardware that misreports power
// button releases.
// The physical display side of power button.
enum class PowerButtonPosition { NONE, LEFT, TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM };
// Amount of time since last screen state change that power button event needs
// to be ignored.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kScreenStateChangeDelay =
// Ignore button-up events occurring within this many milliseconds of the
// previous button-up event. This prevents us from falling behind if the power
// button is pressed repeatedly.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kIgnoreRepeatedButtonUpDelay =
// Amount of time since last SuspendDone() that power button event needs to be
// ignored.
static constexpr base::TimeDelta kIgnorePowerButtonAfterResumeDelay =
// Value of switches::kAshPowerButtonPosition stored in JSON format. These
// are the field names of the flag.
static constexpr const char* kEdgeField = "edge";
static constexpr const char* kPositionField = "position";
// Value of |kEdgeField|.
static constexpr const char* kLeftEdge = "left";
static constexpr const char* kRightEdge = "right";
static constexpr const char* kTopEdge = "top";
static constexpr const char* kBottomEdge = "bottom";
explicit PowerButtonController(
BacklightsForcedOffSetter* backlights_forced_off_setter);
~PowerButtonController() override;
// Handles events from "legacy" ACPI power buttons. On devices with these
// buttons (typically Chromeboxes), button releases are misreported
// immediately after button presses, regardless of how long the button
// is actually held.
void OnLegacyPowerButtonEvent(bool down);
// Handles events from "normal" power buttons where button presses and
// releases are both reported accurately.
void OnPowerButtonEvent(bool down, const base::TimeTicks& timestamp);
// Handles lock button behavior.
void OnLockButtonEvent(bool down, const base::TimeTicks& timestamp);
// Cancels the ongoing power button behavior. This can be called while the
// button is still held to prevent any action from being taken on release.
void CancelPowerButtonEvent();
// True if the menu is opened.
bool IsMenuOpened() const;
// Dismisses the menu.
void DismissMenu();
// Do not force backlights to be turned off.
void StopForcingBacklightsOff();
// display::DisplayConfigurator::Observer:
void OnDisplayModeChanged(
const display::DisplayConfigurator::DisplayStateList& outputs) override;
// chromeos::PowerManagerClient::Observer:
void ScreenBrightnessChanged(
const power_manager::BacklightBrightnessChange& change) override;
void PowerButtonEventReceived(bool down,
const base::TimeTicks& timestamp) override;
void SuspendImminent(power_manager::SuspendImminent::Reason reason) override;
void SuspendDone(const base::TimeDelta& sleep_duration) override;
// Initializes |screenshot_controller_| according to the tablet mode switch in
// |result|.
void OnGetSwitchStates(
base::Optional<chromeos::PowerManagerClient::SwitchStates> result);
// TODO(minch): Remove this if/when all applicable devices expose a tablet
// mode switch:
// AccelerometerReader::Observer:
void OnAccelerometerUpdated(
scoped_refptr<const AccelerometerUpdate> update) override;
// BacklightsForcedOffSetter::Observer:
void OnBacklightsForcedOffChanged(bool forced_off) override;
void OnScreenStateChanged(
BacklightsForcedOffSetter::ScreenState screen_state) override;
// TabletModeObserver:
void OnTabletModeStarted() override;
void OnTabletModeEnded() override;
// LockStateObserver:
void OnLockStateEvent(LockStateObserver::EventType event) override;
class ActiveWindowWidgetController;
friend class PowerButtonControllerTestApi;
// Returns true if tablet power button behavior (i.e. tapping the button turns
// the screen off) should currently be used.
bool UseTabletBehavior() const;
// Stops |power_button_menu_timer_|, |shutdown_timer_| and dismisses the power
// button menu.
void StopTimersAndDismissMenu();
// Starts the power menu animation. Called when a clamshell device's power
// button is pressed or when |power_button_menu_timer_| fires.
void StartPowerMenuAnimation();
// Called by |pre_shutdown_timer_| to start the cancellable pre-shutdown
// animation.
void OnPreShutdownTimeout();
// Updates |button_type_| and power button position info based on the current
// command line.
void ProcessCommandLine();
// Initializes tablet power button behavior related member
// |screenshot_controller_|.
void InitTabletPowerButtonMembers();
// Locks the screen if the "Show lock screen when waking from sleep" pref is
// set and locking is possible.
void LockScreenIfRequired();
// Sets |show_menu_animation_done_| to true.
void SetShowMenuAnimationDone();
// A helper function called by ProcessCommandLine to parse the value of
// switches::kAshPowerButtonPosition.
void ParsePowerButtonPositionSwitch();
// Updates UMA histogram of power button press according to the power button
// up state. |up_state| is a bit field containing values from the
// PowerButtonUpState enum defined in the .cc file.
void UpdatePowerButtonEventUMAHistogram(uint32_t up_state);
// Are the power or lock buttons currently held?
bool power_button_down_ = false;
bool lock_button_down_ = false;
// True if the device is curently in tablet mode (per TabletModeController).
bool in_tablet_mode_ = false;
// Has the screen brightness been reduced to 0%?
bool brightness_is_zero_ = false;
// True if an internal display is off while an external display is on (e.g.
// for Chrome OS's docked mode, where a Chromebook's lid is closed while an
// external display is connected).
bool internal_display_off_and_external_display_on_ = false;
// True after the animation that shows the power menu has finished.
bool show_menu_animation_done_ = false;
// Saves the button type for this power button.
ButtonType button_type_ = ButtonType::NORMAL;
// True if the device should observe accelerometer events to enter tablet
// mode.
bool observe_accelerometer_events_ = false;
// True if the kForceTabletPowerButton flag is set. This forces tablet power
// button behavior even while in laptop mode.
bool force_tablet_power_button_ = false;
// True if the device has tablet mode switch.
bool has_tablet_mode_switch_ = false;
// True if the screen was off when the power button was pressed.
bool screen_off_when_power_button_down_ = false;
// True if power menu is already shown when pressing the power button.
bool menu_shown_when_power_button_down_ = false;
// True if the next button release event should force the display off.
bool force_off_on_button_up_ = false;
// Used to force backlights off, when needed.
BacklightsForcedOffSetter* backlights_forced_off_setter_; // Not owned.
LockStateController* lock_state_controller_; // Not owned.
// Time source for performed action times.
const base::TickClock* tick_clock_;
// Used to interact with the display.
std::unique_ptr<PowerButtonDisplayController> display_controller_;
// Handles events for power button screenshot.
std::unique_ptr<PowerButtonScreenshotController> screenshot_controller_;
// Saves the most recent timestamp that powerd resumed from suspend,
// updated in SuspendDone().
base::TimeTicks last_resume_time_;
// Saves the most recent timestamp that power button was released.
base::TimeTicks last_button_up_time_;
// Started when |show_menu_animation_done_| is set to true and stopped when
// power button is released. Runs OnPreShutdownTimeout() to start the
// cancellable pre-shutdown animation.
base::OneShotTimer pre_shutdown_timer_;
// Started when the power button of convertible/slate/detachable devices is
// pressed and stopped when it's released. Runs StartPowerMenuAnimation() to
// show the power button menu.
base::OneShotTimer power_button_menu_timer_;
// The fullscreen widget of power button menu.
std::unique_ptr<views::Widget> menu_widget_;
// The physical display side of power button in landscape primary.
PowerButtonPosition power_button_position_ = PowerButtonPosition::NONE;
// The center of the power button's offset from the top of the screen (for
// left/right) or left side of the screen (for top/bottom) in
// landscape_primary. Values are in [0.0, 1.0] and express a fraction of the
// display's height or width, respectively.
double power_button_offset_percentage_ = 0.f;
ScopedObserver<BacklightsForcedOffSetter, BacklightsForcedOffSetter::Observer>
// Used to maintain active state of the active window that exists before
// showing menu.
base::WeakPtrFactory<PowerButtonController> weak_factory_;
} // namespace ash