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New version of APR
Note that the included APR is now version 1.5, which adds several
subtle changes in the behavior of file handling, pipes and process
creation. Most importantly, there is finer control over the handles
inherited by processes, so the mod_fastcgi or mod_fcgid modules must
be updated for httpd-2.2.9 or later to run correctly on Windows.
Most other third party modules are unaffected by this change.
Connecting to databases
Four driver connectors are provided in the binary distribution, for
ODBC, SQLite3, PostgreSQL and Oracle. All require you to install the
corresponding client drivers. ODBC itself is installed at the time
you install your desired Windows ODBC provider or ODBC client driver.
The binary file can be obtained from;
note that this binary was built with version 3.5.9 (earlier and
later version 3.5 driver .dll's may work.)
The Oracle Instant Client - Basic driver can be obtained from
and note that this binary was built against version,
other version 11.1 drivers may work.
The PostgreSQL binaries may be obtained from
and note that this binary was built against version 8.3.1-1, and
again it may work with other 8.1 version .dll's.
For whichever database backend you configure, the corresponding driver
.dll's must be in your PATH (and in the systemwide path if used for
a service such as Apache httpd).