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Name: Apache2 (+ PHP)
Short Name: httpd
Version: 2.2.25
Security Critical: no
License: Apache Version 2.0
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
This is a checked-in copy of Apache 2.2.25 for Win 32.
It is used by the Blink layout tests.
To recreate this directory (assuming an msys bash shell; adjust your
checkout path from /d/src/checkout/src as needed):
% cd /d/src/checkout/src/third_party
% mv apache-win32 apache-win32.bak
% curl -o httpd.msi
% curl -o httpd.msi.sha1
% cat httpd.msi.sha1; sha1sum httpd.msi
Manually verify that the SHA-1 hash of httpd.msi matches the one distributed in httpd.msi.sha1
% rm httpd.msi.sha1
% cmd
> start /wait msiexec /i httpd.msi /q INSTALLDIR=d:\src\checkout\src\third_party\apache-win32
> exit
# stop running apache processes if the installer started them.
% cp -p apache-win32.bak/README.chromium apache-win32
% cp -p apache-win32.bak/ apache-win32
% mkdir php
% curl -o php/
% (cd php && unzip php/
% cp -p php/php5ts.dll apache-win32/bin
% cp -p php/php5apache2_2.dll apache-win32/modules
% (cd apache-win32 && ./
To upload the large files (executables, DLLs) to google storage (contact
chrome-infrastructure-team@ in order to get permission to write to the
chrome-apache-win32 Google Cloud Storage bucket):
% find apache-win32/bin -name '*.exe' -o -name '*.dll' -o -name '*.so' | --bucket chromium-apache-win32 -
% find apache-win32/modules -name '*.so' | --bucket chromium-apache-win32 -
To prune the files that were uploaded so that we can check in the rest:
% find apache-win32/bin -name '*.exe' -o -name '*.dll' -o -name '*.so' | xargs rm
% find apache-win32/modules -name '*.so' | xargs rm
% git add apache-win32
And, to clean up the temp files used in the above:
% rm -fr httpd.msi php apache-win32.bak
You might need to uninstall apache via the control panel as well.