Reland: "Add stacktrace scripts to telemetry isolate"

The original setup failed on bots with:
  dependency_manager.exceptions.EmptyConfigError: \
    Empty config at [...]/build/android/devil_chromium.json

Add this file to the isolate as well and reland.

The reason I listed in the original revert ( was probably
incorrect. The problem was that this change became more visible on the bots by
printing a stack trace - this is being mitigated by [1] and is orthogonal to
what is being fixed here.

[1] crashpad_stackwalker: no error when crash not found

Original change's description:
> Add stacktrace scripts to telemetry isolate
> Add the crashpad stack walking scripts to the isolate that runs
> performance tests with Telemetry.
> There are multiple places where the python scripts can be inserted as
> 'data' dependencies. In the end choosing the place closest to where the
> native third_party/breakpad tools are pulled in.
> I checked that after the change the isolate 'performance_test_suite'
> (defined in testing/buildbot/gn_isolate_map.pyl) actually contains the
> new files. I used this command:
> shell> python tools/mb/ isolate out/Release performance_test_suite
> Bug: 935979
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> Reviewed-by: Caleb Rouleau <>
> Commit-Queue: Egor Pasko <>

Bug: 935979
Change-Id: I64867c51a3201b98647487f9c690c34ffe1ee039
Reviewed-by: Andrew Grieve <>
Reviewed-by: Caleb Rouleau <>
Commit-Queue: Egor Pasko <>
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