This directory contains tests related to HTML forms. We prefer this directory to fast/dom/HTML*Element/ for HTML forms.


  • button/

    <button> tests

  • calendar-picker/

    Calendar pickers for date, datetime-local, month, and week input types.

  • checkbox/

    <input type=checkbox>

  • color/

    <input type=color>

  • datalist/

    <datalist> except picker UI

  • date/

    <input type=date>

  • date-multiple-fields/

    Inline UI of <input type=date> on desktop platforms.

  • datetimelocal/

    <input type=datetime-local>

  • datetimelocal-multiple-fields/

    Inline UI of <input type=datetime-local> on desktop platforms.

  • fieldset/

    <fieldset> and <legend>

  • file/

    <input type=file>

  • hidden/

    <input type=hidden>

  • image/

    <input type=image>

  • input-button/

    <input type=button>

  • input-common/

    Common behavior in input types, or tests involving multiple input types.

  • label/


  • mailto/

    mailto: form submission

  • month/

    <input type=month>

  • month-multiple-fields/

    Inline UI of <input type=month> on desktop platforms.

  • number/

    <input type=number>

  • page-popup/

    Common behavior for PagePopup framework.

  • radio/

    <input type=radio>

  • range/

    <input type=range>

  • search/

    <input type=search>

  • select/


  • select-popup/

    Popup menu for <select> on CrOS, Linux, and Windows.

  • submit/

    <input type=submit>

  • suggestion-picker/

    <datalist> picker UI

  • text/

    <input type=text> and common behavior of text-like input types.

  • textarea/


  • time/

    <input type=time>

  • time-multiple-fields/

    Inline UI of <input type=time> on desktop platforms.

  • url/

    <input type=url>

  • week/

    <input type=week>

  • week-multiple-fields/

    Inline UI of <input type=week> on desktop platforms.