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Name: pylint
Version: 1.4.1
License: GPL v2
License File: pylint/LICENSE.txt
Security Critical: No
This directory contains the pylint module.
This code is not included in the final build. It is only used to run linting
checks on code (usually at presubmit time).
This is only used by code inside the src tree that needs to import the pylint
module directly. If you're using `pylint` to check your code (e.g. via the
PRESUBMIT.cfg file), then this copy is *not* used. That pylint comes from the
depot_tools repo instead.
Local Modifications:
- applied upstream fix
- applied fix to work around bad interaction between sys.path manipulation in
pylint itself and multiprocessing's implementation on Windows (DIFF1)
diff --git a/third_party/pylint/ b/third_party/pylint/
index e10ae56..082d8b3 100644
--- a/third_party/pylint/
+++ b/third_party/pylint/
@@ -671,7 +671,8 @@ class PyLinter(configuration.OptionsManagerMixIn,
files_or_modules = (files_or_modules,)
if == 1:
- self._do_check(files_or_modules)
+ with fix_import_path(files_or_modules):
+ self._do_check(files_or_modules)
# Hack that permits running pylint, on Windows, with -m switch
# and with --jobs, as in 'python -2 -m pylint .. --jobs'.
@@ -1252,8 +1253,8 @@ group are mutually exclusive.'),
# insert current working directory to the python path to have a correct
# behaviour
- with fix_import_path(args):
- if self.linter.config.profile:
+ if self.linter.config.profile:
+ with fix_import_path(args):
print('** profiled run', file=sys.stderr)
import cProfile, pstats
cProfile.runctx('linter.check(%r)' % args, globals(), locals(),
@@ -1262,9 +1263,9 @@ group are mutually exclusive.'),
data.sort_stats('time', 'calls')
- else:
- linter.check(args)
- linter.generate_reports()
+ else:
+ linter.check(args)
+ linter.generate_reports()
if exit: