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The bindings/ directory

bindings/ contains code for V8-DOM bindings. bindings/ is a layer that implements high-performance C++ bindings between V8 and DOM per the Web IDL spec.

Directory structure

bindings/ consists of the following directories:

  • Source/bindings/scripts/ implements the in Python. The IDL compiler is responsible for auto-generating C++ bindings code for all Web IDL files per the Web IDL spec.

  • Source/bindings/templates/ is a set of Jinja templates used by the IDL compiler.

  • //out/*/gen/blink/bindings/ is a directory where the auto-generated code is generated.

  • Source/bindings/tests/ is a set of tests for the IDL compiler. You can run the tests by tools/

  • Source/platform/bindings/, Source/bindings/core/ and Source/bindings/modules/ provide a bunch of utility classes that encapsulate the complexity of bare V8 APIs. Utility classes that purely depend on V8 APIs go to Source/platform/bindings/. Utility classes that depend on Source/core/ go to Source/bindings/core/. Utility classes that depend on Source/modules/ go to Source/bindings/modules/. Since V8 APIs are low-level and error-prone, Souce/core/ and Source/modules/ are encouraged to use the utility classes instead of directly using the bare V8 APIs. If a class in Source/core/ or Source/modules/ is using a bunch of bare V8 APIs, consider moving the class to Source/bindings/core/ and Source/bindings/modules/. The point is that we should put all the complexity around V8 APIs into Source/bindings/ so that the code ie kept under control of the binding team.

  • Source/bindings/core/v8/custom/ and Source/bindings/modules/v8/custom/ implement custom V8 bindings. Ideally all C++ bindings for Web IDL files should be auto-generated by the IDL compiler but there are a number of bindings that need some special care. They are written by hand as custom bindings. The custom bindings are discouraged. The IDL compiler should be improved so that it can auto-generate as much code by the IDL compiler as possible.


  • explains the IDL compiler.

  • explains basic concepts of the bindings architecture; e.g., Isolate, Context, World, wrapper objects etc.

  • explains how the lifetime of wrapper objects is maintained by the V8 GC.

  • explains all extended IDL attributes used in Web IDL files in Blink. If you have any question about IDL files, see this document.

  • explains how to use IDL union types.

  • v8.h defines V8 APIs with good documentation.

When you use V8 APIs, ask blink-reviews-bindings@ for review!

V8 APIs are sometimes hard to use. It‘s easy to use a wrong v8::Context, it’s easy to leak window objects, it's easy to ignore exceptions incorrectly etc. It is not disallowed to use bare V8 APIs in Source/core/ and Source/modules/ but when you use V8 APIs, please ask for review.


If you have any question, ask