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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/feature_list.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/threading/thread_checker.h"
#include "services/metrics/public/cpp/metrics_export.h"
#include "services/metrics/public/cpp/ukm_source.h"
#include "services/metrics/public/cpp/ukm_source_id.h"
#include "services/metrics/public/mojom/ukm_interface.mojom.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
class IOSChromePasswordManagerClient;
class MediaEngagementSession;
class PlatformNotificationServiceImpl;
class PluginInfoHostImpl;
namespace autofill {
class TestAutofillClient;
} // namespace autofill
namespace blink {
class Document;
class NavigatorVR;
} // namespace blink
namespace cc {
class UkmManager;
} // namespace cc
namespace content {
class CrossSiteDocumentResourceHandler;
class WebContentsImpl;
class PluginServiceImpl;
} // namespace content
namespace download {
class DownloadUkmHelper;
} // namespace download
namespace password_manager {
class PasswordManagerMetricsRecorder;
} // namespace password_manager
namespace payments {
class JourneyLogger;
} // namespace payments
namespace metrics {
class UkmRecorderInterface;
} // namespace metrics
namespace translate {
class TranslateRankerImpl;
} // namespace translate
namespace ukm {
class DelegatingUkmRecorder;
class TestRecordingHelper;
namespace internal {
class SourceUrlRecorderWebContentsObserver;
class SourceUrlRecorderWebStateObserver;
} // namespace internal
// This feature controls whether UkmService should be created.
METRICS_EXPORT extern const base::Feature kUkmFeature;
// Interface for recording UKM
class METRICS_EXPORT UkmRecorder {
virtual ~UkmRecorder();
// Provides access to a global UkmRecorder instance for recording metrics.
// This is typically passed to the Record() method of a entry object from
// ukm_builders.h.
// Use TestAutoSetUkmRecorder for capturing data written this way in tests.
static UkmRecorder* Get();
// Get the new source ID, which is unique for the duration of a browser
// session.
static SourceId GetNewSourceID();
// Add an entry to the UkmEntry list.
virtual void AddEntry(mojom::UkmEntryPtr entry) = 0;
// Disables sampling for testing purposes.
virtual void DisableSamplingForTesting(){};
// Type-safe wrappers for Update<X> functions.
void RecordOtherURL(base::UkmSourceId source_id, const GURL& url);
void RecordAppURL(base::UkmSourceId source_id, const GURL& url);
friend DelegatingUkmRecorder;
friend IOSChromePasswordManagerClient;
friend MediaEngagementSession;
friend PlatformNotificationServiceImpl;
friend PluginInfoHostImpl;
friend TestRecordingHelper;
friend autofill::TestAutofillClient;
friend blink::Document;
friend blink::NavigatorVR;
friend cc::UkmManager;
friend content::CrossSiteDocumentResourceHandler;
friend content::PluginServiceImpl;
friend content::WebContentsImpl;
friend download::DownloadUkmHelper;
friend internal::SourceUrlRecorderWebContentsObserver;
friend internal::SourceUrlRecorderWebStateObserver;
friend metrics::UkmRecorderInterface;
friend password_manager::PasswordManagerMetricsRecorder;
friend payments::JourneyLogger;
friend translate::TranslateRankerImpl;
// Associates the SourceId with a URL. Most UKM recording code should prefer
// to use a shared SourceId that is already associated with a URL, rather
// than using this API directly. New uses of this API must be auditted to
// maintain privacy constraints.
virtual void UpdateSourceURL(SourceId source_id, const GURL& url) = 0;
// Associates the SourceId with an app URL for APP_ID sources. This method
// should only be called by AppSourceUrlRecorder and DelegatingUkmRecorder.
virtual void UpdateAppURL(SourceId source_id, const GURL& url) = 0;
// Associates navigation data with the UkmSource keyed by |source_id|. This
// should only be called by SourceUrlRecorderWebContentsObserver, for
// navigation sources.
virtual void RecordNavigation(
SourceId source_id,
const UkmSource::NavigationData& navigation_data) = 0;
} // namespace ukm