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  1. android-archive-rel.json
  2. android-arm64-archive-rel.json
  3. lacros-arm-archive-rel.json
  4. lacros-arm64-archive-rel.json
  5. lacros64-archive-rel.json
  6. linux-archive-rel.json
  7. linux-chromiumos-full.json
  8. mac-archive-rel.json
  9. mac-arm64-archive-rel.json
  11. test-ash-chrome.yaml
  12. win-archive-rel.json
  13. win32-archive-rel.json

This directory contains the configurations of which binaries get archived on Chromium builders, and controls how and where they're stored. This applies mostly to the *-archive-* builders on this console.

Each JSON file here corresponds to the archive configuration for a single builder. See the properties.proto definition of the archive recipe module for the schema of these files.