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#!/bin/bash -eu
# This script checks that the runtime version number constant in the compiler
# source and in the runtime source is the same.
# A distro can be made of the protobuf sources with only a subset of the
# languages, so if the compiler depended on the Objective C runtime, those
# builds would break. At the same time, we don't want the runtime source
# depending on the compiler sources; so two copies of the constant are needed.
readonly ScriptDir=$(dirname "$(echo $0 | sed -e "s,^\([^/]\),$(pwd)/\1,")")
readonly ProtoRootDir="${ScriptDir}/../.."
die() {
echo "Error: $1"
exit 1
readonly GeneratorSrc="${ProtoRootDir}/src/google/protobuf/compiler/objectivec/"
readonly RuntimeSrc="${ProtoRootDir}/objectivec/GPBBootstrap.h"
check_constant() {
local ConstantName="$1"
# Collect version from generator sources.
local GeneratorVersion=$( \
cat "${GeneratorSrc}" \
| sed -n -e "s:const int32 ${ConstantName} = \([0-9]*\);:\1:p"
if [[ -z "${GeneratorVersion}" ]] ; then
die "Failed to find ${ConstantName} in the generator source (${GeneratorSrc})."
# Collect version from runtime sources.
local RuntimeVersion=$( \
cat "${RuntimeSrc}" \
| sed -n -e "s:#define ${ConstantName} \([0-9]*\):\1:p"
if [[ -z "${RuntimeVersion}" ]] ; then
die "Failed to find ${ConstantName} in the runtime source (${RuntimeSrc})."
# Compare them.
if [[ "${GeneratorVersion}" != "${RuntimeVersion}" ]] ; then
die "${ConstantName} values don't match!
Generator: ${GeneratorVersion} from ${GeneratorSrc}
Runtime: ${RuntimeVersion} from ${RuntimeSrc}
# Do the check.
# Success