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#ifndef _RAR_EXTRACT_
#define _RAR_EXTRACT_
class CmdExtract
EXTRACT_ARC_CODE ExtractArchive();
bool ExtractFileCopy(File &New,wchar *ArcName,wchar *NameNew,wchar *NameExisting,size_t NameExistingSize);
void ExtrPrepareName(Archive &Arc,const wchar *ArcFileName,wchar *DestName,size_t DestSize);
#ifdef RARDLL
bool ExtrDllGetPassword();
bool ExtrGetPassword(Archive &Arc,const wchar *ArcFileName);
#if defined(_WIN_ALL) && !defined(SFX_MODULE)
void ConvertDosPassword(Archive &Arc,SecPassword &DestPwd);
void ExtrCreateDir(Archive &Arc,const wchar *ArcFileName);
bool ExtrCreateFile(Archive &Arc,File &CurFile);
bool CheckUnpVer(Archive &Arc,const wchar *ArcFileName);
RarTime StartTime; // time when extraction started
CommandData *Cmd;
ComprDataIO DataIO;
Unpack *Unp;
unsigned long TotalFileCount;
unsigned long FileCount;
unsigned long MatchedArgs;
bool FirstFile;
bool AllMatchesExact;
bool ReconstructDone;
// If any non-zero solid file was successfully unpacked before current.
// If true and if current encrypted file is broken, obviously
// the password is correct and we can report broken CRC without
// any wrong password hints.
bool AnySolidDataUnpackedWell;
wchar ArcName[NM];
bool GlobalPassword;
bool PrevProcessed; // If previous file was successfully extracted or tested.
wchar DestFileName[NM];
bool PasswordCancelled;
#if defined(_WIN_ALL) && !defined(SFX_MODULE) && !defined(SILENT)
bool Fat32,NotFat32;
CmdExtract(CommandData *Cmd);
void DoExtract();
void ExtractArchiveInit(Archive &Arc);
bool ExtractCurrentFile(Archive &Arc,size_t HeaderSize,bool &Repeat);
static void UnstoreFile(ComprDataIO &DataIO,int64 DestUnpSize);