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#ifndef _RAR_MATCH_
#define _RAR_MATCH_
enum {
MATCH_NAMES, // Paths are ignored.
// Compares names only using wildcards.
MATCH_SUBPATHONLY, // Paths must match either exactly or path in wildcard
// must be present in the beginning of file path.
// For example, "c:\path1\*" or "c:\path1" will match
// "c:\path1\path2\file".
// Names are not compared.
MATCH_EXACT, // Paths must match exactly.
// Names must match exactly.
MATCH_EXACTPATH, // Paths must match exactly.
// Names are compared using wildcards.
MATCH_SUBPATH, // Names must be the same, but path in mask is allowed
// to be only a part of name path. In other words,
// we match all files matching the file mask
// in current folder and subfolders.
MATCH_WILDSUBPATH // Works as MATCH_SUBPATH if file mask contains
// wildcards and as MATCH_EXACTPATH otherwise.
#define MATCH_MODEMASK 0x0000ffff
bool CmpName(const wchar *Wildcard,const wchar *Name,int CmpMode);