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#ifndef _RAR_QOPEN_
#define _RAR_QOPEN_
struct QuickOpenItem
byte *Header;
size_t HeaderSize;
uint64 ArcPos;
QuickOpenItem *Next;
class Archive;
class RawRead;
class QuickOpen
void Close();
uint ReadBuffer();
bool ReadRaw(RawRead &Raw);
bool ReadNext();
Archive *Arc;
bool WriteMode;
QuickOpenItem *ListStart;
QuickOpenItem *ListEnd;
byte *Buf; // Read quick open data here.
static const size_t MaxBufSize=0x10000; // Buf size, must be multiple of CRYPT_BLOCK_SIZE.
size_t CurBufSize; // Current size of buffered data in write mode.
#ifndef RAR_NOCRYPT // For shell extension.
CryptData Crypt;
bool Loaded;
uint64 QOHeaderPos; // Main QO header position.
uint64 RawDataStart; // Start of QO data, just after the main header.
uint64 RawDataSize; // Size of entire QO data.
uint64 RawDataPos; // Current read position in QO data.
size_t ReadBufSize; // Size of Buf data currently read from QO.
size_t ReadBufPos; // Current read position in Buf data.
Array<byte> LastReadHeader;
uint64 LastReadHeaderPos;
uint64 SeekPos;
bool UnsyncSeekPos; // QOpen SeekPos does not match an actual file pointer.
void Init(Archive *Arc,bool WriteMode);
void Load(uint64 BlockPos);
void Unload() { Loaded=false; }
bool Read(void *Data,size_t Size,size_t &Result);
bool Seek(int64 Offset,int Method);
bool Tell(int64 *Pos);