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#ifndef _RAR_DATAIO_
#define _RAR_DATAIO_
class CmdAdd;
class Unpack;
#if 0
// We use external i/o calls for Benchmark command.
class ComprDataIO
void ShowUnpRead(int64 ArcPos,int64 ArcSize);
void ShowUnpWrite();
bool UnpackFromMemory;
size_t UnpackFromMemorySize;
byte *UnpackFromMemoryAddr;
bool UnpackToMemory;
size_t UnpackToMemorySize;
byte *UnpackToMemoryAddr;
size_t UnpWrSize;
byte *UnpWrAddr;
int64 UnpPackedSize;
bool ShowProgress;
bool TestMode;
bool SkipUnpCRC;
bool NoFileHeader;
File *SrcFile;
File *DestFile;
CmdAdd *Command;
FileHeader *SubHead;
int64 *SubHeadPos;
CryptData *Crypt;
CryptData *Decrypt;
int LastPercent;
wchar CurrentCommand;
void Init();
int UnpRead(byte *Addr,size_t Count);
void UnpWrite(byte *Addr,size_t Count);
void EnableShowProgress(bool Show) {ShowProgress=Show;}
void GetUnpackedData(byte **Data,size_t *Size);
void SetPackedSizeToRead(int64 Size) {UnpPackedSize=Size;}
void SetTestMode(bool Mode) {TestMode=Mode;}
void SetSkipUnpCRC(bool Skip) {SkipUnpCRC=Skip;}
void SetNoFileHeader(bool Mode) {NoFileHeader=Mode;}
void SetFiles(File *SrcFile,File *DestFile);
void SetCommand(CmdAdd *Cmd) {Command=Cmd;}
void SetSubHeader(FileHeader *hd,int64 *Pos) {SubHead=hd;SubHeadPos=Pos;}
void SetEncryption(bool Encrypt,CRYPT_METHOD Method,SecPassword *Password,
const byte *Salt,const byte *InitV,uint Lg2Cnt,byte *HashKey,byte *PswCheck);
void SetAV15Encryption();
void SetCmt13Encryption();
void SetUnpackToMemory(byte *Addr,uint Size);
void SetCurrentCommand(wchar Cmd) {CurrentCommand=Cmd;}
bool PackVolume;
bool UnpVolume;
bool NextVolumeMissing;
int64 UnpArcSize;
int64 CurPackRead,CurPackWrite,CurUnpRead,CurUnpWrite;
// Size of already processed archives.
// Used to calculate the total operation progress.
int64 ProcessedArcSize;
int64 TotalArcSize;
DataHash PackedDataHash; // Packed write and unpack read hash.
DataHash PackHash; // Pack read hash.
DataHash UnpHash; // Unpack write hash.
bool Encryption;
bool Decryption;