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#ifndef _RIJNDAEL_H_
#define _RIJNDAEL_H_
* This code is based on Szymon Stefanek AES implementation: *
* *
* *
* Dynamic tables generation is based on the Brian Gladman's work: *
* *
#define _MAX_KEY_COLUMNS (256/32)
#define _MAX_ROUNDS 14
#define MAX_IV_SIZE 16
class Rijndael
#ifdef USE_SSE
void blockEncryptSSE(const byte *input,size_t numBlocks,byte *outBuffer);
void blockDecryptSSE(const byte *input, size_t numBlocks, byte *outBuffer);
bool AES_NI;
void keySched(byte key[_MAX_KEY_COLUMNS][4]);
void keyEncToDec();
void GenerateTables();
// RAR always uses CBC, but we may need to turn it off when calling
// this code from other archive formats with CTR and other modes.
bool CBCMode;
int m_uRounds;
byte m_initVector[MAX_IV_SIZE];
byte m_expandedKey[_MAX_ROUNDS+1][4][4];
void Init(bool Encrypt,const byte *key,uint keyLen,const byte *initVector);
void blockEncrypt(const byte *input, size_t inputLen, byte *outBuffer);
void blockDecrypt(const byte *input, size_t inputLen, byte *outBuffer);
void SetCBCMode(bool Mode) {CBCMode=Mode;}
#endif // _RIJNDAEL_H_