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This tests the clickable property of various elements, and tests that a role of an anchor element changes to link when it has a click listener.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
PASS isAXElementClickable('link') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('button') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('labeled-button') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('button-with-title') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('text') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('checkbox') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('number') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('radio') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('slider') is false
PASS isAXElementClickable('submit') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('combobox') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('listbox') is false
PASS isAXElementClickable('textarea') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('focusable') is false
PASS isAXElementClickable('heading') is false
PASS isAXElementClickable('aria-button') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('aria-link') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('div') is false
PASS isAXElementClickable('onclick') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('keydown-listener') is false
PASS isAXElementClickable('click-listener') is true
PASS isAXElementClickable('mousedown-listener') is true
PASS axRole('empty-anchor') is 'AXRole: AXUnknown'
PASS axRole('href-anchor') is 'AXRole: AXLink'
PASS axRole('onclick-anchor') is 'AXRole: AXLink'
PASS axRole('click-listener-anchor') is 'AXRole: AXLink'
PASS successfullyParsed is true