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Explicit Item 1
Explicit Item 2
Explicit Item 3
Implicit Item 1
Implicit Item 2
Implicit Item 3
End of test
This tests that the role attribute is not missed.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
AXRole: AXWebArea
AXRole: AXRadioGroup
AXRole: AXRadioButton "Explicit Item 1"
AXRole: AXRadioButton "Explicit Item 2"
AXRole: AXRadioButton "Explicit Item 3"
AXRole: AXList
AXRole: AXListItem "Implicit Item 1"
AXRole: AXListMarker "1"
AXRole: AXStaticText "Implicit Item 1"
AXRole: AXInlineTextBox "Implicit Item 1"
AXRole: AXListItem "Implicit Item 2"
AXRole: AXListMarker "2"
AXRole: AXStaticText "Implicit Item 2"
AXRole: AXInlineTextBox "Implicit Item 2"
AXRole: AXListItem "Implicit Item 3"
AXRole: AXListMarker "3"
AXRole: AXStaticText "Implicit Item 3"
AXRole: AXInlineTextBox "Implicit Item 3"
AXRole: AXGroup
AXRole: AXGroup
AXRole: AXTextField "Explicit Option 1"
AXRole: AXTextField "Explicit Option 2"
AXRole: AXListBox
AXRole: AXListBoxOption "Implicit Option 1"
AXRole: AXListBoxOption "Implicit Option 2"
AXRole: AXGroup
AXRole: AXMenuListPopup
AXRole: AXTextField "Explicit dropdown 1"
AXRole: AXTextField "Explicit dropdown 2"
AXRole: AXPopUpButton
AXRole: AXMenuListPopup
AXRole: AXMenuListOption "Implicit dropdown 1"
AXRole: AXMenuListOption "Implicit dropdown 2"
AXRole: AXStatus
AXRole: AXProgressIndicator
AXRole: AXStatus
AXRole: AXSliderThumb
AXRole: AXSlider
AXRole: AXSliderThumb
AXRole: AXParagraph
AXRole: AXStaticText "End of test"
PASS successfullyParsed is true