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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "components/keyed_service/core/keyed_service.h"
#include "components/signin/core/browser/device_activity_fetcher.h"
#include "components/signin/core/browser/gaia_cookie_manager_service.h"
class PrefService;
class SigninClient;
class SigninManager;
// The Cross Device Promo promotes Chrome Signin within a profile where there is
// one GAIA account signed in to the content area for a long period of time
// (indicating that this profile is used by only one user) and where that
// account uses Chrome Sync on other devices but is not signed in here.
// This class determines whether the above criteria have been met and thus
// whether the promo should be displayed. This class imposes additional criteria
// such that the promo is only displayed if there is sufficiently recent
// activity on another device, indicating the user is switching contexts but
// continuing their browsing activity. This class's behavior is controlled by
// the "CrossDevicePromo" field trial.
// The UI is defined elsewhere.
// This class implements the preferences necessary to track whether a profile
// meets the above criteria, and whether the user has permanently opted out of
// the promo.
// The class relies on the GaiaCookieManagerService to determine if there has
// been a single GAIA account signed in to the content area for a long period of
// time, and relies on the DeviceActivityFetcher to determine if that account
// uses Chrome Sync on other devices.
class CrossDevicePromo : public KeyedService,
public GaiaCookieManagerService::Observer,
public DeviceActivityFetcher::Observer {
class Observer {
// Called when the profile moves from being ineligible to eligible for the
// promo or vice versa; the new state is noted in the |eligible| parameter.
virtual void OnPromoEligibilityChanged(bool eligible) = 0;
// The following constants are the parameters for a particular experiment
// within the field trial that controls this class's behaviors.
static const char kCrossDevicePromoFieldTrial[];
// This field trial parameter specifies how often the device activity should
// be fetched.
static const char kParamHoursBetweenDeviceActivityChecks[];
// This field trial parameter defines for how long the profile's cookie must
// contain exactly one GAIA account before the profile is considered
// single-user.
static const char kParamDaysToVerifySingleUserProfile[];
// This field trial parameter defines how much time must pass between calls
// to MaybeBrowsingSessionStarted() before the code considers a new browsing
// session to have started and re-evaluates if the promo should be shown.
static const char kParamMinutesBetweenBrowsingSessions[];
// This field trial parameter defines how much time may pass between the last
// observed device activity and the start of a new browsing session for the
// promo to consider the new browsing session to be a context switch.
static const char kParamMinutesMaxContextSwitchDuration[];
// This field trial parameter defines what percentage of all device activity
// fetches should be not be executed, to throttle requests to the server.
static const char kParamRPCThrottle[];
// Constructor takes non-null pointers to required services. This object does
// not take ownership of any of the passed objects. This also calls Init().
explicit CrossDevicePromo(SigninManager* signin_manager,
GaiaCookieManagerService* cookie_manager_service,
SigninClient* signin_client,
PrefService* pref_service);
~CrossDevicePromo() override;
// KeyedService:
// Ends observation of other services and records the length of any current
// browsing session (see signin_metrics::LogBrowsingSessionDuration()). This
// is called only during Chrome shutdown.
void Shutdown() override;
// GaiaCookieManagerService::Observer:
// This supports monitoring whether the content area is signed into exactly
// one GAIA account for a long period of time. This tracks the earliest time
// |accounts| contained (and still contains) exactly one account, so that
// other methods can use kParamDaysToVerifySingleUserProfile to verify if this
// Profile is considered single-user.
void OnGaiaAccountsInCookieUpdated(
const std::vector<gaia::ListedAccount>& accounts,
const GoogleServiceAuthError& error) override;
// DeviceActivityFetcher::Observer:
// OnFetchDeviceActivity* are called from |device_activity_fetcher_| which
// was created in GetDevicesActivityForGAIAAccountInCookieJar(). Deletes
// |device_activity_fetcher_| at the end of the method.
// See DetermineEligibilityFromDeviceActivity() for details.
void OnFetchDeviceActivitySuccess(
const std::vector<DeviceActivityFetcher::DeviceActivity>& devices)
void OnFetchDeviceActivityFailure() override;
// Callable by third parties to register or unregister for callbacks when the
// promo's eligibility-to-be-shown state changes.
void AddObserver(CrossDevicePromo::Observer* observer);
void RemoveObserver(CrossDevicePromo::Observer* observer);
// Returns whether the profile has been marked as eligible to be shown the
// promo.
bool ShouldShowPromo() const;
// Called when the user requests to opt out of the promo. This will set a pref
// that forever marks the profile ineligible for the promo.
void OptOut();
// Called whenever a browser becomes active. Notes the start of a new browsing
// session if the last call to this method (noted in |previous_last_active|)
// was more than |inactivity_between_browsing_sessions_| ago. For new browsing
// sessions, will either determine if the promo is eligible to be shown, or
// will use |device_activity_timer_| to schedule getting more information with
// GetDevicesActivityForGAIAAccountInCookieJar().
void MaybeBrowsingSessionStarted(const base::Time& previous_last_active);
// Called only in tests; calls Init() if not already initialized. See comments
// on |initialized_| for details.
bool CheckPromoEligibilityForTesting();
// Initializes configuration parameters from the "CrossDevicePromo" field
// trial and registers for changes to the relevant GAIA cookie. In tests, this
// may be called more than once; see |initialized_| for details.
void Init();
// Called when the determination of whether to show the promo has been made.
// This both stores that decision and notifies all registered observers of any
// change.
void MarkPromoShouldBeShown();
void MarkPromoShouldNotBeShown();
// Performs all checks to determine if this profile could be shown the promo
// except for initiating a fetch for additional data. This will return false
// if the data available locally indicates the profile should not be shown
// the promo; returns true if the profile could be shown the promo (even if
// additional checks are to be performed).
bool CheckPromoEligibility();
// Called whenever new device activity is available. Checks that there is at
// least one device that had activity within the past
// kParamMinutesMaxContextSwitchDuration to determine if the promo should be
// shown. Once determined, the MarkPromoShould[Not]BeShown() method is called.
// Note that if the device is in a context switch, a followup call to
// GetDevicesActivityForGAIAAccountInCookieJar() will be scheduled for when
// the context switch would expire.
void DetermineEligibilityFromDeviceActivity(
const std::vector<DeviceActivityFetcher::DeviceActivity>& devices);
// Helpers to get and set the time value stored in a pref.
base::Time GetTimePref(const std::string& pref) const;
void SetTimePref(const std::string& pref, const base::Time& value);
// Performs checks if the promo is eligible to be displayed to this profile.
// This will not write any prefs or initiate any checks that are otherwise
// called in CheckPromoEligibility(). Records no metrics. Used for DCHECKs.
bool VerifyPromoEligibleReadOnly() const;
// Adds or removes |this| as an observer of |cookie_manager_service_|.
// We observe the |cookie_manager_service_| for its lifetime.
void RegisterForCookieChanges();
void UnregisterForCookieChanges();
// Creates a new DeviceActivityFetcher to get the list of devices, and the
// details of the devices (see DeviceActivityFetcher.h) where the GAIA account
// in this profile's cookie jar is signed in to Chrome Sync.
// If a |device_activity_fetcher_| is already executing a fetch, this method
// will not start a second fetch, as the results would be the same.
void GetDevicesActivityForGAIAAccountInCookieJar();
// Set by Init() to indicate if the promo service has been successfully
// initialized. Initialization will not occur if the user has previously opted
// out of the promo. Also, successful initialization requires all necessary
// parameters that control the promo to be read from the field trial.
// In testing an initial call to Init() may fail and a future call may succeed
// (see Init()); in non-test scenarios, however, failed initialization is
// unrecoverable and future calls to other class methods should be no-ops.
bool initialized_;
// These four pointers are weak pointers; they are not owned by this object
// and will outlive this object.
SigninManager* signin_manager_;
GaiaCookieManagerService* cookie_manager_service_;
PrefService* prefs_;
SigninClient* signin_client_;
scoped_ptr<DeviceActivityFetcher> device_activity_fetcher_;
base::ObserverList<CrossDevicePromo::Observer> observer_list_;
// Initialized from the |kParamMinutesMaxContextSwitchDuration| field trial
// parameter. See |kParamMinutesMaxContextSwitchDuration| for details.
base::TimeDelta context_switch_duration_;
// If the device activity has never been fetched, the delay until the check
// will be a random duration between zero and
// |kParamHoursBetweenDeviceActivityChecks|. For all other
// fetches, the delay will be |kParamHoursBetweenDeviceActivityChecks|. See
// |kParamHoursBetweenDeviceActivityChecks| for details.
base::TimeDelta delay_until_next_device_activity_fetch_;
// Initialized from the |kParamDaysToVerifySingleUserProfile| field trial
// parameter. See |kParamDaysToVerifySingleUserProfile| for details.
base::TimeDelta single_account_duration_threshold_;
// Initialized from the |kParamMinutesBetweenBrowsingSessions| field trial
// parameter. See |kParamMinutesBetweenBrowsingSessions| for details.
base::TimeDelta inactivity_between_browsing_sessions_;
// Randomly initialized from the |kParamRPCThrottle| field trial parameter.
// See |kParamRPCThrottle| for details. If true, |device_activity_fetcher_|
// should never be initialized.
bool is_throttled_;
// Metric to help us track how long a browsing session is. This is set in
// MaybeBrowsingSessionStarted(), see that method for details.
// Useful for configuring the field trial to manage our server quota.
base::Time start_last_browsing_session_;
// Used to delay the check of device activity. See
// OnFetchDeviceActivitySuccess() or MaybeBrowsingSessionStarted(), as well as
// |delay_until_next_device_activity_fetch_|, for details.
base::OneShotTimer device_activity_timer_;