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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
syntax = "proto2";
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
option java_outer_classname = "ChromeUserMetricsExtensionProtos";
option java_package = "org.chromium.components.metrics";
package metrics;
import "cast_logs.proto";
import "histogram_event.proto";
import "memory_leak_report.proto";
import "omnibox_event.proto";
import "perf_data.proto";
import "printer_event.proto";
import "reporting_info.proto";
import "sampled_profile.proto";
import "system_profile.proto";
import "translate_event.proto";
import "user_action_event.proto";
// Next tag: 19
message ChromeUserMetricsExtension {
// The product (i.e. end user application) for a given UMA log.
enum Product {
// Google Chrome product family.
// UMA metrics from Android Webview.
// Cast receivers, e.g. Chromecast
CAST = 35;
// The product corresponding to this log. The field type is int32 instead of
// Product so that downstream users of the Chromium metrics component can
// introduce products without needing to make changes to the Chromium code
// (though they still need to add the new product to the server-side enum).
// Note: The default value is Chrome, so Chrome products will not transmit
// this field.
optional int32 product = 10 [default = 0];
// The id of the client install that generated these events.
// For Chrome clients, this id is unique to a top-level (one level above the
// "Default" directory) Chrome user data directory [1], and so is shared among
// all Chrome user profiles contained in this user data directory.
// An id of 0 is reserved for test data (monitoring and internal testing) and
// should normally be ignored in analysis of the data.
// [1]
optional fixed64 client_id = 1;
// The session id for this user.
// Values such as tab ids are only meaningful within a particular session.
// The client keeps track of the session id and sends it with each event.
// The session id is simply an integer that is incremented each time the user
// relaunches Chrome.
optional int32 session_id = 2;
// Information about the user's browser and system configuration.
optional SystemProfileProto system_profile = 3;
// This message will log one or more of the following event types:
repeated UserActionEventProto user_action_event = 4;
repeated OmniboxEventProto omnibox_event = 5;
repeated HistogramEventProto histogram_event = 6;
repeated TranslateEventProto translate_event = 15;
repeated PrinterEventProto printer_event = 16;
// Deprecated: use |sampled_profile| instead.
repeated PerfDataProto perf_data = 8 [deprecated = true];
// A list of all collected sample-based profiles since the last UMA upload.
repeated SampledProfile sampled_profile = 11;
// Additional data related with Cast-enabled devices.
optional CastLogsProto cast_logs = 12;
// Memory leak reports generated since the last UMA upload.
repeated MemoryLeakReportProto memory_leak_report = 13;
// The ReportingInfo message sent in the X-Chrome-UMA-ReportingInfo header.
// Copied in by the receiving server.
optional ReportingInfo reporting_info = 17;