Simplify GetNativeGpuMemoryBufferConfigurations()

1. Previously GetNativeGpuMemoryBufferConfigurations() was calling
IsNativeGpuMemoryBufferConfigurationSupported() twice for many
configurations. Also support for some formats wasn't tested.
Updated this function to check support for all BufferFormat values
and to avoid redundant work.

2. Moved kEnableNativeGpuMemoryBuffers flag to ClientNativePixmapDmaBuf
and removed kDisableNativeGpuMemoryBuffers completely. These flags didn't
have any effect on platforms other than Linux

3. Disabled RG_88 support in ClientNativePixmapDmaBuf. RG_88 pixmaps were
already disabled in GetNativeGpuMemoryBufferConfigurations() and they are
broken on chromeos.

Bug: 852011, 954233
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