Hacking on ANGLE in Chromium

In DEPS, comment out the part that looks like this.

#  "src/third_party/angle":
#    Var("chromium_git") + "/angle/angle.git@" + Var("angle_revision"),

Delete or rename third_party/angle.

(Optional) sync and make sure the third_party/angle directory doesn't come back. It shouldn’t because it is no longer referenced from DEPS.

gclient sync -r CURRENT_REVISION

Clone the ANGLE git repository.

> git clone https://chromium.googlesource.com/angle/angle third_party/angle
> gclient runhooks

To check ANGLE builds without building all of Chromium.

ninja -C out\Release libEGL.dll

Change files then commit locally.

Upload to Gerrit for review. You will need to have installed the git hook as described in the “Getting started with Gerrit for ANGLE” section of the ContributingCode doc before committing them locally.

git cl upload

As with subversion and Rietveld: visit the upload link for the review site, check the diff and the commit message then add reviewer(s) and publish.

Land your changes to the upstream repository from the Gerrit web interface.

If there are upstream changes, you may need to rebase your patches and reupload them.

git pull
git cl upload

Rolling ANGLE into Chrome

To roll DEPS, make sure this is not commented out and update the hash associated with “angle_revision”. (Your hash will be different than the one below.)

  "angle_revision": "0ee126c670edae8dd1822980047450a9a530c032",

Then sync.

gclient sync

Your changes should now be in third_party/angle.