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CIPD recipes

The //fuchsia/cipd target generates a number of YAML files which are used to produce archives that are uploaded to CIPD. The generated YAML files are stored under the output directory, under the path gen/fuchsia/cipd/.


The YAML recipes require certain parameters to be passed in, using the CIPD “pkg-var” system.

targetarch - The ID of the target architecture (amd64, arm64) must be passed in as a pkg-var so that the packages can be archived at the appropriate location in the CIPD package hierarchy.

outdir - The fully qualified path to the build output directory.

Example usage

To create a CIPD package, run the following command from the build output directory. In this example, “http.yaml” is being built for arm64:

$ cipd create --pkg-def gen/fuchsia/cipd/http/http.yaml
              -pkg-var targetarch:arm64
              -pkg-var outdir:`pwd`
              -ref latest
              -tag version:$(cat gen/fuchsia/cipd/build_id.txt)

The most recent package can be discovered by searching for the “latest” ref:

$ cipd describe chromium/fuchsia/$PACKAGE_NAME-$TARGET_ARCH -version latest