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<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
<script src="/resources/testharnessreport.js"></script>
<script src="/common/get-host-info.sub.js"></script>
// If the response for the HTML file contains "Accept-CH" in the response
// headers, then the browser should attach the specified client hints in the
// HTTP request headers depending on whether the resource is being fetched from
// the same origin or a different origin. Test this functionality by fetching
// same-origin and cross-origin resources from this page. The response headers
// for this page include "Accept-CH: device-memory, dpr, viewport-width, rtt, downlink, ect".
// sets the response headers depending on the set
// of client hints it receives in the request headers.
promise_test(t => {
return fetch(get_host_info()["HTTPS_ORIGIN"] + "/client-hints/").then(r => {
assert_equals(r.status, 200)
// Verify that the browser includes client hints in the headers for a
// same-origin fetch with the default feature policy in place.
assert_true(r.headers.has("device-memory-received"), "device-memory-received");
assert_true(r.headers.has("dpr-received"), "dpr-received");
assert_true(r.headers.has("viewport-width-received"), "viewport-width-received");
assert_true(r.headers.has("rtt-received"), "rtt-received");
var rtt = parseInt(r.headers.get("rtt-received"));
assert_greater_than_equal(rtt, 0);
assert_less_than_equal(rtt, 3000);
assert_equals(rtt % 50, 0, 'rtt must be a multiple of 50 msec');
assert_true(r.headers.has("downlink-received"), "downlink-received");
var downlinkKbps = r.headers.get("downlink-received") * 1000;
assert_greater_than_equal(downlinkKbps, 0);
assert_less_than_equal(downlinkKbps, 10000);
assert_in_array(r.headers.get("ect-received"), ["slow-2g", "2g",
"3g", "4g"], 'ect-received is unexpected');
}, "Accept-CH header test");
promise_test(t => {
return fetch(get_host_info()["HTTPS_REMOTE_ORIGIN"] + "/client-hints/").then(r => {
assert_equals(r.status, 200)
// Verify that the browser includes no client hints in the headers for a
// cross-origin fetch with the default feature policy in place.
assert_false(r.headers.has("device-memory-received"), "device-memory-received");
assert_false(r.headers.has("dpr-received"), "dpr-received");
assert_false(r.headers.has("viewport-width-received"), "viewport-width-received");
assert_false(r.headers.has("rtt-received"), "rtt-received");
assert_false(r.headers.has("downlink-received"), "downlink-received");
assert_false(r.headers.has("ect-received"), "ect-received");
}, "Cross-Origin Accept-CH header test");