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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>CSS Test (Conditional Rules): Incorrect syntax of supports condition</title>
<link rel="author" title="GĂ©rard Talbot" href="">
<link rel="help" href="" title="6. Feature queries: the '@supports' rule">
<link rel="match" href="at-supports-001-ref.html">
<meta name="flags" content="invalid">
<meta name="assert" content="Each individual single supports condition must be enclosed by one opening parenthesis '(' and one closing parenthesis ')'.">
: ( '(' S* supports_condition ')' S* ) | supports_declaration_condition |
background-color: red;
height: 100px;
width: 100px;
@supports (margin: 0 or padding: 0) { div {background-color: red !important;} }
@supports (margin: 0) { div {background-color: green;} }
<p>Test passes if there is a <strong>filled green square</strong> and <strong>no red</strong>.</p>