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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>CSS Masking: Test clip-rule property on polygon clip rule evenodd</title>
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<link rel="match" href="reference/clip-rule-rectangle-border-ref.html">
<meta name="assert" content="The clipPath element takes the basic shape 'polygon' for clipping.
The point list for the polygon creates a 'whole' with the dimension of the background. With
the clip rule 'evenodd', this whole is clipped out. The clipping makes the green background
of the parent div box visible.
On pass you should see a green box with a blue border.">
<p>The test passes if there is a green box with a blue border.</p>
<div style="background-color: green; width: 250px;">
<div style="width: 150px; height: 100px; border: solid blue 50px; background-color: red; clip-path: url(#clip);"></div>
<clipPath id="clip">
<polygon points="0 0, 250 0, 250 200, 0 200, 0 50, 200 50, 200 150, 50 150, 50 50, 0 50" clip-rule="evenodd" />