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CSS Global Support Directory
This directory contains common support files (such as images and external
style sheets). These are sync'ed into the support directories of all our
test suites. If you have test-suite-specific support files, please add
them to the appropriate test-suite-specific support/ directory.
If you add to a support/ directory, please run the tools/
script from the top of the repository to cascade support files into the
lower-level support directories.
Description of the Common Support File Collection
The 1x1-* images are all exactly one pixel.
The swatch-* images all use 15x15 cells.
The square-* images all use 15x15 cells with one pixel borders.
The pattern-* images use cells of various sizes:
pattern-grg-rgr-grg.png 20x20
pattern-rgr-grg-rgr.png 20x20
pattern-tr.png 15x15
pattern-grg-rrg-rgg.png 15x15