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<title>Entries API: FileSystemEntry getParent() manual test</title>
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<script src="/resources/testharness.js"></script>
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<script src="support.js"></script>
entry_test((t, entry) => {
assert_idl_attribute(entry, 'getParent', 'FileSystemEntry has getParent method');
assert_equals(typeof entry.getParent, 'function', 'FileSystemEntry has a getParent() method');
assert_equals(entry.getParent(), void 0, 'getParent() arguments are optional');
entry.getParent(t.step_func(parent => {
assert_true(parent.isDirectory, 'parent should be a directory');
assert_equals(parent.fullPath, '/', 'parent should be root');
assert_equals(, '', 'root name is empty string');
}), t.unreached_func('getParent() should not fail'));
}, 'FileSystemEntry - getParent()');
// TODO: Manual test for getParent() where containing directory is removed before getParent() is called.