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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html class="reftest-wait">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Stack parameters (display gap between numerator and denominator)</title>
<link rel="help" href="">
<link rel="match" href="frac-parameters-gap-005-ref.html"/>
<meta name="assert" content="Element mfrac with zero linethickness correctly uses the StackDisplayStyleGapMin parameter from the MATH table when denominator contains text.">
math, mspace, mtext {
font-size: 20px;
mtext {
font-family: math-text;
color: blue;
@font-face {
font-family: displaystylegapmin4000;
src: url("/fonts/math/stack-displaystylegapmin4000.woff");
@font-face {
math-text has the following properties:
- typo/hhea/win metrics: 2.5em ascent and 2.5em descent.
- glyph A: .5em ascent and .5em descent.
- glyph B: 1em ascent and 0em descent.
- glyph C: 0em ascent and 1em descent.
font-family: math-text;
src: url("/fonts/math/math-text.woff");
#reference {
background: green;
#frame {
position: absolute;
border-top: 4px solid black;
border-bottom: 4px solid black;
width: 100%;
function runTests() {
var div = document.getElementById("frame");
var refBox = document.getElementById("reference").getBoundingClientRect(); = `${}px`; = `${refBox.height-4}px`;
window.addEventListener("load", () => { document.fonts.ready.then(runTests); });
This test passes if the blue squares are aligned:
<math display="block" style="font-family: displaystylegapmin4000">
<!-- This is a dummy mspace element to ensure that the font ascent/descent does not affect the size of the math element. -->
<mspace height="10em" depth="10em"/>
The gap between the numerators/denominators and the math axis must StackDisplayStyleGapMin / 2.
The gap should be calculated using the exact bounding box of the glyphs.
The numerator descent is .5em + the denominator ascent.
Hence glyphs A, B, C should be rendered at the same vertical position, even if they have different ascent/descent.
<mfrac linethickness="0px">
<mspace width="3em" depth="1em"/>
<mspace id="reference" width="3em" height=".5em" depth=".5em"/>
<mfrac linethickness="0px">
<mspace width="3em" depth="1em"/>
<mfrac linethickness="0px">
<mspace width="3em" depth="1.5em"/>
<mfrac linethickness="0px">
<mspace width="3em" depth=".5em"/>
<div id="frame"></div>
<script src="/mathml/support/feature-detection.js"></script>