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  2. receiving-ua/
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Presentation API Tests

This test suite is currently tracking the Editor's Draft of the Presentation API. The Presentation API describes the conformance criteria for two classes of user agents (controlling user agent and receiving user agent). Each of the two subfolders controlling-ua and receiving-ua contains the Presentation API tests for each class of user agents.

IDL Tests

The controlling-ua and receiving-ua subfolders contain files idlharness.https.html and idlharness-manual.https.html that define IDL tests of the Presentation API for controlling and receiving user agents, respectively. The WebIDL of the Presentation API spec is extracted from the Editor's Draft by running the following JavaScript code in the Dev. console of the Browser.

  var s = "";
  []"idl"), function(idl) {
    if (!idl.classList.contains("extract"))
      s += idl.textContent + "\n\n";
  document.body.innerHTML = '<pre></pre>';
  document.body.firstChild.textContent = s;

Receiving User Agent Tests

The receiving-ua subfolder contains receiving user agent tests to be initiated by a controlling user agent. When the controlling user agent starts the test, it will ask a user to click a button and choose a presentation display. Once the presentation display is selected, the controlling user agent will request the receiving user agent to load and run the corresponding test placed in the receiving-ua/support subfolder. When the test ends, all results will appear on the controlling user agent's window.