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<title>Getting the presentation displays availability information.</title>
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<link rel="author" title="Tomoyuki Shimizu" href="">
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<p>The test passes if a "PASS" result appears.</p>
// ---------------------------------------
// Presentation Availability Tests - begin
// ---------------------------------------
const catchNotSupported = err => {
assert_equals(, 'NotSupportedError', 'getAvailability() rejects a Promise with a NotSupportedError exception, if the browser can find presentation displays only when starting a connection.')
promise_test(t => {
let availability;
const request = new PresentationRequest(presentationUrls);
assert_true(request instanceof PresentationRequest, 'The request is an instance of PresentationRequest.');
const promise = request.getAvailability();
assert_true(promise instanceof Promise, 'PresentationRequest.getAvailability() returns a Promise.');
const samePromise = request.getAvailability();
assert_true(samePromise instanceof Promise, 'PresentationRequest.getAvailabilty() returns a Promise.');
assert_equals(promise, samePromise, 'If the PresentationRequest object has an unsettled Promise, getAvailability returns that Promise.');
return promise.then(a => {
availability = a;
assert_true(availability instanceof PresentationAvailability, 'The promise is resolved with an instance of PresentationAvailability.');
assert_equals(typeof availability.value, 'boolean', 'The availability has an boolean value.');
const request2 = new PresentationRequest('');
return request2.getAvailability();
}).then(a => {
assert_not_equals(availability, a, 'A presentation availability object is newly created if the presentation request has a newly added presentation URLs.');
const newPromise = request.getAvailability();
assert_not_equals(promise, newPromise, 'If the Promise from a previous call to getAvailability has already been settled, getAvailability returns a new Promise.');
return newPromise.then(newAvailability => {
assert_equals(availability, newAvailability, 'Promises from a PresentationRequest\'s getAvailability are resolved with the same PresentationAvailability object.');
}, catchNotSupported);
}, catchNotSupported);