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Release Procedure
Our current policy for releasing is to aim for a bugfix every few weeks and a minor release every 2-3 months. The idea
is to get fixes and new features out instead of trying to cram a ton of features into a release and by consequence
taking a lot of time to make a new one.
.. important::
pytest releases must be prepared on **Linux** because the docs and examples expect
to be executed in that platform.
#. Install development dependencies in a virtual environment with::
pip3 install -U -r tasks/requirements.txt
#. Create a branch ``release-X.Y.Z`` with the version for the release.
* **patch releases**: from the latest ``master``;
* **minor releases**: from the latest ``features``; then merge with the latest ``master``;
Ensure your are in a clean work tree.
#. Generate docs, changelog, announcements and a **local** tag::
invoke generate.pre-release <VERSION>
#. Open a PR for this branch targeting ``master``.
#. After all tests pass and the PR has been approved, publish to PyPI by pushing the tag::
git push <VERSION>
Wait for the deploy to complete, then make sure it is `available on PyPI <>`_.
#. Send an email announcement with the contents from::
To the following mailing lists:
* (all releases)
* (all releases)
* (only major/minor releases)
And announce it on `Twitter <>`_ with the ``#pytest`` hashtag.
#. After a minor/major release, merge ``release-X.Y.Z`` into ``master`` and push (or open a PR).