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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ui/base/ui_base_export.h"
namespace ui {
// This object is used to enable cross-process accessibility focus querying.
// The following bullet points describe the need for this class:
// * The NSViews in out-of-process NSViews (e.g, for PWAs) will return a
// NSRemoteAccessibilityElement from -[NSView accessibilityFocusedUIElement].
// * The focus query is then continued in the browser process by a call to
// -[NSApplication accessibilityFocusedUIElement].
// * The default implementation -[NSApplication accessibilityFocusedUIElement]
// in turn queries -[NSApplication keyWindow]'s accessibilityFocusedUIElement
// method.
// * This is not what the PWA process wants. The PWA process wants its focus,
// not the browser's focus.
// * To make this happen, when the PWA process' NSViews are focused, they
// force the browser's -[NSApplication accessibilityFocusedUIElement] to
// return their accessibility focus.
// The above-required overriding of focus is done by instantiating an
// AccessibilityFocusOverrider and updating its state when the NSView in the
// PWA process is focused.
class UI_BASE_EXPORT AccessibilityFocusOverrider {
class Client {
virtual id GetAccessibilityFocusedUIElement() = 0;
AccessibilityFocusOverrider(Client* client);
// Indicate if the NSApplication that is viewing this element is not this
// process. Focus overriding is only needed for cross-process focus.
void SetAppIsRemote(bool app_is_remote);
// Indicate whether or not the view's window is currently key. This object
// will override the application's focused accessibility element only if its
// window is key (and the view is the window's first responder).
void SetWindowIsKey(bool window_is_key);
// Indicate whether or not the view is its window's first responder. This
// object will override the application's focused accessibility element only
// if the view is the window's first responder (and its window is key).
void SetViewIsFirstResponder(bool view_is_first_responder);
// Return the overridden focus, or nil if there is no overridden focus.
static id GetFocusedUIElement();
void UpdateOverriddenKeyElement();
bool app_is_remote_ = false;
bool window_is_key_ = false;
bool view_is_first_responder_ = false;
Client* const client_;
} // namespace ui