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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <utility>
#include "net/base/io_buffer.h"
#include "net/base/test_completion_callback.h"
#include "net/filter/mock_source_stream.h"
#include "testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest.h"
#include "ui/base/webui/i18n_source_stream.h"
namespace ui {
namespace {
// This constant is rather arbitrary, though the offsets and other sizes must
// be less than kBufferSize.
const int kBufferSize = 256;
const int kMinimumSize = 1;
const int kSmallSize = 5; // Arbitrary small value > 1.
const int kInOneReadSize = INT_MAX;
struct I18nTest {
constexpr I18nTest(const char* input, const char* expected_output)
: input(input), expected_output(expected_output) {}
const char* input;
const char* expected_output;
constexpr I18nTest kTestEmpty = I18nTest("", "");
constexpr I18nTest kTestNoReplacements =
I18nTest("This text has no i18n replacements.",
"This text has no i18n replacements.");
constexpr I18nTest kTestTagAtEndOfLine =
I18nTest("test with tag at end of line $",
"test with tag at end of line $");
constexpr I18nTest kTestOneReplacement = I18nTest("$i18n{alpha}", "apple");
constexpr I18nTest kTestOneReplacementPlus =
I18nTest("Extra text $i18n{alpha}.", "Extra text apple.");
constexpr I18nTest kTestThreeReplacements =
I18nTest("$i18n{alpha}^$i18n{beta}_$i18n{gamma}", "apple^banana_carrot");
constexpr I18nTest kTestExtraBraces =
// These tests with generic names are sequences that might catch an error in the
// future, depending on how the code changes.
constexpr I18nTest kTest1 =
I18nTest(" } $($i18n{gamma})^_^_^_^_$i18n{alpha}_$i18n{gamma}$",
" } $(carrot)^_^_^_^_apple_carrot$");
constexpr I18nTest kTest2 =
I18nTest("$i18n{alpha} gamma}{ ^_^_^_^_$abc{beta}:$i18n{gamma}z",
"apple gamma}{ ^_^_^_^_$abc{beta}:carrotz");
struct I18nTestParam {
constexpr I18nTestParam(
const I18nTest* test,
int buf_size,
int read_size,
net::MockSourceStream::Mode read_mode = net::MockSourceStream::SYNC)
: buffer_size(buf_size),
test(test) {}
const int buffer_size;
const int read_size;
const net::MockSourceStream::Mode mode;
const I18nTest* test;
} // namespace
class I18nSourceStreamTest : public ::testing::TestWithParam<I18nTestParam> {
I18nSourceStreamTest() : output_buffer_size_(GetParam().buffer_size) {}
// Helpful function to initialize the test fixture.
void Init() {
output_buffer_ = base::MakeRefCounted<net::IOBuffer>(output_buffer_size_);
std::unique_ptr<net::MockSourceStream> source(new net::MockSourceStream());
source_ = source.get();
replacements_["alpha"] = "apple";
replacements_["beta"] = "banana";
replacements_["gamma"] = "carrot";
stream_ = I18nSourceStream::Create(
std::move(source), net::SourceStream::TYPE_NONE, &replacements_);
// If MockSourceStream::Mode is ASYNC, completes 1 read from |mock_stream| and
// wait for |callback| to complete. If Mode is not ASYNC, does nothing and
// returns |previous_result|.
int CompleteReadIfAsync(int previous_result,
net::TestCompletionCallback* callback,
net::MockSourceStream* mock_stream) {
if (GetParam().mode == net::MockSourceStream::ASYNC) {
EXPECT_EQ(net::ERR_IO_PENDING, previous_result);
return callback->WaitForResult();
return previous_result;
net::IOBuffer* output_buffer() { return output_buffer_.get(); }
char* output_data() { return output_buffer_->data(); }
size_t output_buffer_size() { return output_buffer_size_; }
net::MockSourceStream* source() { return source_; }
I18nSourceStream* stream() { return stream_.get(); }
void PushReadResults(const char* input, size_t chunk_size) {
size_t written = 0;
size_t source_size = strlen(GetParam().test->input);
while (written != source_size) {
size_t write_size = std::min(chunk_size, source_size - written);
source()->AddReadResult(input + written, write_size, net::OK,
written += write_size;
source()->AddReadResult(nullptr, 0, net::OK, GetParam().mode);
// Reads from |stream_| until an error occurs or the EOF is reached.
// When an error occurs, returns the net error code. When an EOF is reached,
// returns the number of bytes read and appends data read to |output|.
int ReadStream(std::string* output) {
int bytes_read = 0;
while (true) {
net::TestCompletionCallback callback;
int rv = stream_->Read(output_buffer(), output_buffer_size(),
if (rv == net::ERR_IO_PENDING)
rv = CompleteReadIfAsync(rv, &callback, source());
if (rv == net::OK)
if (rv < net::OK)
return rv;
EXPECT_GT(rv, net::OK);
bytes_read += rv;
output->append(output_data(), rv);
return bytes_read;
scoped_refptr<net::IOBuffer> output_buffer_;
const int output_buffer_size_;
net::MockSourceStream* source_;
std::unique_ptr<I18nSourceStream> stream_;
TemplateReplacements replacements_;
I18nTestParam(&kTest1, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest1, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest1, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest1, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest2, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest2, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest2, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTest2, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestEmpty, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestEmpty, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestEmpty, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestEmpty, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestExtraBraces, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestExtraBraces, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestExtraBraces, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestExtraBraces, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestNoReplacements, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestNoReplacements, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestNoReplacements, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestNoReplacements, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacement, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacement, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacement, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacement, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacementPlus, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacementPlus, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacementPlus, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestOneReplacementPlus, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestTagAtEndOfLine, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestTagAtEndOfLine, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestTagAtEndOfLine, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestTagAtEndOfLine, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestThreeReplacements, kBufferSize, kInOneReadSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestThreeReplacements, kBufferSize, kSmallSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestThreeReplacements, kMinimumSize, kMinimumSize),
I18nTestParam(&kTestThreeReplacements, kMinimumSize, kSmallSize)));
TEST_P(I18nSourceStreamTest, FilterTests) {
// Create the chain of read buffers.
PushReadResults(GetParam().test->input, GetParam().read_size);
// Process the buffers.
std::string actual_output;
int rv = ReadStream(&actual_output);
// Check the results.
std::string expected_output(GetParam().test->expected_output);
EXPECT_EQ(expected_output.size(), static_cast<size_t>(rv));
EXPECT_EQ(expected_output, actual_output);
EXPECT_EQ("i18n", stream()->Description());
TEST_P(I18nSourceStreamTest, LargeFilterTests) {
std::string padding;
// 251 and 599 are prime and avoid power-of-two repetition.
int padding_modulus = 251;
int pad_size = 599;
for (int i = 0; i < pad_size; ++i)
padding[i] = i % padding_modulus;
// Create the chain of read buffers.
const int kPadCount = 128; // Arbitrary number of pads to add.
for (int i = 0; i < kPadCount; ++i) {
source()->AddReadResult(padding.c_str(), padding.size(), net::OK,
PushReadResults(GetParam().test->input, GetParam().read_size);
// Process the buffers.
std::string actual_output;
int rv = ReadStream(&actual_output);
// Check the results.
size_t total_padding = kPadCount * padding.size();
std::string expected_output(GetParam().test->expected_output);
ASSERT_EQ(expected_output.size() + total_padding, static_cast<size_t>(rv));
for (int i = 0; i < kPadCount; ++i) {
EXPECT_EQ(actual_output.substr(i * padding.size(), padding.size()),
EXPECT_EQ(expected_output, &actual_output[total_padding]);
EXPECT_EQ("i18n", stream()->Description());
} // namespace ui