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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Presubmit tests for weblayer.
Runs various style checks before upload.
import re
'weblayer/browser/java/org/chromium/weblayer_private/interfaces/' +
def CheckChangeOnUpload(input_api, output_api):
results = []
results.extend(_CheckAIDLVersionBump(input_api, output_api))
return results
def _Canonicalize(lines):
"""Strip comments, and convert all whitespace to single spaces."""
def _CanonicalizeLine(line):
line = re.sub(r'//,*', '', line)
line = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', line)
return line
return re.sub(r'\s*/\*.*?\*/\s*', ' ', ''.join(map(_CanonicalizeLine, lines)))
def _CheckAIDLVersionBump(input_api, output_api):
"""Any change to an AIDL file must be accompanied by a version code bump."""
def AIDLFiles(affected_file):
return input_api.FilterSourceFile(affected_file, white_list=(r'.*\.aidl$',))
aidl_changes = []
for f in input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(AIDLFiles):
old_contents = _Canonicalize(f.OldContents())
new_contents = _Canonicalize(f.NewContents())
if old_contents != new_contents:
aidl_changes.append((f.LocalPath(), f.Action()))
if not aidl_changes:
return []
aidl_changes = '\n'.join(
' {1} {0}'.format(path, action) for path, action in aidl_changes)
def VersionFile(affected_file):
return input_api.FilterSourceFile(
affected_file, white_list=(WEBLAYER_VERSION_PATH,))
changed_version_file = list(input_api.AffectedSourceFiles(VersionFile))
if not changed_version_file:
return [
'Commit contains AIDL changes,' +
' but does not change\n' + aidl_changes)
assert len(changed_version_file) == 1
old_contents = _Canonicalize(changed_version_file[0].OldContents())
new_contents = _Canonicalize(changed_version_file[0].NewContents())
m_old ='sVersionNumber\s*=\s*(.*?);', old_contents)
m_new ='sVersionNumber\s*=\s*(.*?);', new_contents)
if m_old and m_new and ==
return [
'Commit contains AIDL changes,' +
' but does not change WebLayerVersion.sVersionNumber\n' +
return []