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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module viz.mojom;
import "gpu/ipc/common/gpu_feature_info.mojom";
import "gpu/ipc/common/gpu_info.mojom";
import "gpu/ipc/common/gpu_extra_info.mojom";
import "gpu/ipc/common/surface_handle.mojom";
import "services/viz/privileged/mojom/gl/context_lost_reason.mojom";
import "url/mojom/url.mojom";
// Communication channel from the gpu process to the gpu host. This interface
// should never have any sync function calls.
interface GpuHost {
// If |gpu_info| and |gpu_feature_info| are for hardware GPU, then
// |gpu_info_for_hardware_gpu| and |gpu_feature_info_for_hardware_gpu| can
// be uninitialized data.
DidInitialize(gpu.mojom.GpuInfo gpu_info,
gpu.mojom.GpuFeatureInfo gpu_feature_info,
gpu.mojom.GpuInfo? gpu_info_for_hardware_gpu,
gpu.mojom.GpuFeatureInfo? gpu_feature_info_for_hardware_gpu,
gpu.mojom.GpuExtraInfo gpu_extra_info);
DidCreateOffscreenContext(url.mojom.Url url);
DidDestroyOffscreenContext(url.mojom.Url url);
DidDestroyChannel(int32 client_id);
DidLoseContext(bool offscreen,
ContextLostReason reason,
url.mojom.Url active_url);
// GPU process has decided to disable GPU compositing. Host process keeps
// track of this decision in case the GPU process crashes.
SetChildSurface(gpu.mojom.SurfaceHandle parent,
gpu.mojom.SurfaceHandle child);
StoreShaderToDisk(int32 client_id, string key, string shader);
RecordLogMessage(int32 severity, string header, string message);