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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "remoting/client/ui/view_matrix.h"
namespace remoting {
// The viewport is a sliding window on the desktop image. This class defines
// the viewport's position and size, provides methods to manipulate it, and
// outputs a desktop space -> surface space transformation matrix for drawing
// the desktop onto the client's view surface on the screen.
// Desktop space: Coordinates to locate a point on the host's desktop image in
// pixels, similar to the mouse's cursor position.
// Surface space: Coordinates to locate a point on the client device's view
// surface (e.g. GLKView/SurfaceView) for rendering the desktop, this is
// often the coordinate system to locate a point on the user's phone
// screen (if the surface expands to the whole screen).
// Viewport: Projection of the user surface view on the desktop space.
// Desktop: Projection of the host's desktop on the surface space.
// You may either manipulate the desktop on the surface coordinate or manipulate
// the viewport on the desktop coordinate, depending on your choice of the
// reference frame.
class DesktopViewport {
using TransformationCallback =
base::RepeatingCallback<void(const ViewMatrix&)>;
// Sets the |desktop_size_| and (re)initializes the viewport.
void SetDesktopSize(int desktop_width, int desktop_height);
// Sets the |surface_size_| and (re)initializes the viewport.
void SetSurfaceSize(int surface_width, int surface_height);
// Sets insets on the surface area to allow viewport to be panned out of them.
// Should be used to adjust for system UI like soft keyboard and screen
// notches/cutouts.
// This method effectively shrinks the size of the viewport on the surface.
// You may want to call this before SetSurfaceSize() so that safe insets are
// taken into account when initializing viewport.
void SetSafeInsets(int left, int top, int right, int bottom);
// Translates the desktop on the surface's reference frame by <dx, dy>.
void MoveDesktop(float dx, float dy);
// Scales the desktop on the surface's reference frame at pivot point (px, py)
// by |scale|.
void ScaleDesktop(float px, float py, float scale);
// Moves the viewport center by <x, y> on the desktop's coordinate.
void MoveViewport(float dx, float dy);
// Sets the viewport center to (x, y) on the desktop's coordinate.
void SetViewportCenter(float x, float y);
// Returns the current center of the viewport on the desktop's coordinate.
ViewMatrix::Point GetViewportCenter() const;
// Returns true if |point| is within the bounds of the desktop.
bool IsPointWithinDesktopBounds(const ViewMatrix::Point& point) const;
// True if desktop size and surface size are set.
bool IsViewportReady() const;
// Constrains |point| within the bounds of the desktop. Do nothing if the
// desktop size is not set.
ViewMatrix::Point ConstrainPointToDesktop(
const ViewMatrix::Point& point) const;
// Registers the callback to be called once the transformation has changed.
// run_immediately: If true and the viewport is ready to be used, the callback
// will be called immedately with the transformation matrix.
void RegisterOnTransformationChangedCallback(
const TransformationCallback& callback,
bool run_immediately);
// Returns the reference to the desktop-to-surface transformation.
const ViewMatrix& GetTransformation() const;
struct Bounds {
float left;
float top;
float right;
float bottom;
// Resizes the desktop such that the image is displayed without borders in
// minimum possible zoom-level. This will be called once both the desktop
// and the surface size are set.
void ResizeToFit();
// Adjusts the size and position of the viewport so that the constrains always
// hold, then feed the matrix to |on_transformation_changed_|.
void UpdateViewport();
// Gets a rectangle of all possible positions where the viewport's center can
// locate.
Bounds GetViewportCenterBounds() const;
// Gets the size of |surface_size_| inset by |safe_insets_|.
ViewMatrix::Vector2D GetSurfaceSafeAreaSize() const;
// Translates the viewport on the desktop's reference frame by <dx, dy>,
// without calling UpdateViewport().
void MoveViewportWithoutUpdate(float dx, float dy);
// Moves the point inside the bounds with minimum displacement if it is out of
// the bounds.
static ViewMatrix::Point ConstrainPointToBounds(
const Bounds& bounds,
const ViewMatrix::Point& point);
ViewMatrix::Vector2D desktop_size_{0.f, 0.f};
ViewMatrix::Vector2D surface_size_{0.f, 0.f};
Bounds safe_insets_{0, 0, 0, 0};
ViewMatrix desktop_to_surface_transform_;
TransformationCallback on_transformation_changed_;
// DesktopViewport is neither copyable nor movable.
DesktopViewport(const DesktopViewport&) = delete;
DesktopViewport& operator=(const DesktopViewport&) = delete;
} // namespace remoting