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Android WebView Resources

This folder is responsible for managing WebView's application resources. Please also consult general UI/localization information for the chromium repository.

Adding a WebView-specific string/resource

The process is similar to the general instructions, with the caveat that strings should be added to the WebView-specific GRD file (aw_strings.grd, translations live in translations/).

WebView-specific file resources should be declared in aw_resources.grd, and the file templates should live under resources/).

No <if> clause is generally necessary: it's already implied these are for WebView builds only.

Adding a WebView-specific Android/Java string

The process is again similar to the general instructions. Use //android_webview/java/strings/android_webview_strings.grd. A string IDS_MY_STRING can be accessed in Java with org.chromium.android_webview.R.string.MY_STRING.

Resources are added under //android_webview/java/res/. Similarly, a resource drawable-xxxhdpi/ic_play_circle_outline_black_48dp.png can be accessed in Java with org.chromium.android_webview.R.drawable.ic_play_circle_outline_black_48dp.

Note: WebView-specific resources are prefixed by the org.chromium.android_webview package name.

Shared/common resources

WebView can use strings and resources defined in GRD files in other layers (for now, only //components/). Unlike other Chrome, we trim out all such resources by default. To use these resources, you must add the resource to the appropriate whitelist file: grit_strings_whitelist.txt for IDS_* strings or grit_resources_whitelist.txt for IDR_* resources.

Note: Inflating a non-whitelisted resource triggers a DCHECK (in release builds, this usually inflates to empty content).